Bears Lose, Packers Win, Season Ends


The Bears fell at home to the Packers, 33-28, ending their roller coaster season. They have only themselves to blame, and the image of a wide-open Randall Cobb catching a game-winning touchdown pass on a 4th and 8 play will stick with me for awhile.

As will the image of the Packers running an uncontested fumble recovery in for a touchdown. So many mistakes for the Bears, and the offense couldn’t bail them out in the end.

Jay Cutler can’t be faulted for the loss, although that might not stop some folks from trying. He threw two touchdowns, and his sole interception came on the final Hail Mary attempt of the game. Matt Forte ran for 110 yards and scored two touchdowns, one receiving and one rushing.

In any case, we’re now in for a long offseason, and I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth. I doubt I’m alone. I’ll have more for tomorrow, but if you’d like to vent here, you’re more than welcome to do so.


Jay Rigdon is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation Bears, and can also be found @BearsBN on Twitter.

25 responses to “Bears Lose, Packers Win, Season Ends”

  1. Matt

    I’m no apologist, but you just have to point out that the Bears D consisted largely of 4th string guys and undrafted free agents lining up against Aaron Rodgers. It’s little wonder that Cobb was as open as he was.

    It’s simply unfair that we criticize Cutler or ANYONE on the offense for not being perfect, which is essentially what they would’ve needed to be.

    1. proud apologist

      So has anyone considered the Bears record if Lovie had been in charge in 2013???

      With the staggering defensive injuries I can’t see him tallying more than 5 wins. I absolutely want to see trestmans whole staff, Cutler, dj williams, Melton, return in 2014. Restructure the deal with Peppers, draft or sign safety help and I fully believe this team will be a major contender next year.

  2. Have Trest

    Conte needs to go.

    1. Matt

      He was beyond awful this year. I’d have taken a washed-up Ed Reed.

    2. mjhurdle

      he didn’t even touch Cobb coming off the line on 4th and 8. just let him run right past. When you see a WR put his hand up 3 steps into his route, you know something bad is about to happen.

    3. DrReiCow

      I concur. That cut needs to be the start of a major overhaul on D.

      I hope we bring back Cutler – I’m rather happy with our offense.

      Moo πŸ™

  3. Cubs_Questions

    Conte sucks, but we all knew that. The worst part for me is that now we have to watch the Pack take a run at a Super Bowl. And that THIS is how we had to watch the Bears finish their season.

  4. kq

    The problem is this draft and FA class is weak at the S position. First round pick will probably go to DLine

    1. Coop

      I think D line is a critical place to start. We got owned at the line of scrimmage. No pass rush and couldn’t hold up against interior runs. A good D line can make the secondary look much better.

      But still, Conte is just terrible.

      1. Matty V

        The D line was a huge weakness, that’s for sure. I’d like to see Melton come back healthy and the Bears re-sign him for a reasonable salary. Bring back Ratliff, with a healthy Melton, Paea, and draft a D-tackle mid-late round, the interior could be pretty good. The D-line needs huge upgrades at the D-end spots. Peppers is no longer worth the money he’s making, Wooten is average and McClellin wasn’t worth a 1st round pick.

        I know this might be heretical to say around here, but we might want to consider a new coordinator and try switching to a 3-4. We’re going to have a lot of turnover on the roster anyway. Why not start building toward a different style of defense as well?

  5. Patrick G

    I posted this earlier but going to post it again to see what people think:

    I have been thinking about this of late, especially with the abysmal play by the defense: is Jay Cutler worth the money he will get? I really like him as a QB as well as a person, but seeing how many holes they will have to fill on an aging defense, I’m not sure the Bears will be able to sign quality players with the contract Cutler is going to receive. We’ve seen what happened to Baltimore with a lot of players not being able to be re-signed with Flacco’s contract, and although they are fairly good this year, they are not the team of last year. With Trestman being a great QB guy and offensive weapons already plugged in, would it make sense to let Cutty go, get as much help on defense through free agency and draft a QB? The draft class for QBs is very deep and personally am a fan of Aaron Murray and Mettenberger. Although they had serious injuries this season, they look like QBs Trestman could form into a quality player.

    1. Matty V

      While I’m not in favor of the Bears giving Cutler a “Flacco” contract, I am in favor of re-signing him. Cutler has to weigh a big payday vs. finally playing in an offense he can succeed in. I think the Bears are set up to continue to put up big numbers, and he makes the most sense in the short term for the Bears to do that. I’d only hand the offense over to a rookie if it looked like the Bears were going into a rebuild. The window for the offense is now, and it might take a rookie 2-3 years to play at the level Jay is at right now. (Granted, there are special rookies that can jump right in, I just don’t think the Bears would be in position to grab one of those.)

      I do agree that money is going to be tight and the Bears have a lot of holes to fill on the defensive side. Personally, I’d like to find a way to either reduce Peppers’ salary, or move him. I don’t know what his cap hit would be if the Bears were to release him, but he is hogging up a large portion of the Bears cap money. He wasn’t the same Peppers this year and the savings from his salary could be put towards several younger, more productive defensive players.

    2. Matty V

      According to, Peppers is set to make $18,183,000 next season and $20,683,000 in 2015.

      1. Coop

        And the cap hit is big even if we cut him. Can’t remember the number off the top of my head, but it is substantial.

        1. CubbiesOHCubbies

          I believe I read that if he is cut, his hit would be a touch over 8 million as opposed to the 18 million plus if he remains.

  6. Cheese Chad

    First season with Trestman, honestly wasn’t as terrible as it could have been. We knew the defense would be bad (although this has been a bit ridiculous). I think this offense is going to click next year and if they draft well the defense could improve. Things in Chicago look pretty good in just about all sports for the next few years.

  7. kq

    Have to keep Cutler they have 3rd most cap space in the NFL, and they will release peppers to free up another 8-9m. They can fix this D, they even have the flexibility to switch to a 3-4. A lot of cap space to and a lot of guys will be leaving

  8. Nathan

    I think the Bears are in for a very exciting off-season. With all the free agents they have, they are either gonna have to re-sign or sign free agents. I hope they bring back Jennings and Tillman (unless he retires). I love Melton, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see him go. Cutler needs to stay, and either this draft or next it would be nice to draft a future replacement. AJ McCarron seems to be a great fit for Trestman’s offense and I be happy to see the Bears draft him.

    First round should be dedicated to a defensive player. Hageman, Mosely, or any of those secondary guys would be nice.

    Second Round: QB, Defense or Center.

    From there on it is kinda of crap shoot on what position to draft. Defense Defense Defense should be the focus of this draft

  9. Dustin

    Cris Conte is the worst safety that i have ever seen play football!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dick Gozinya

    The bears should do a charity event in the offseason where fans get to slap members of the defense across the face for a donation. It would be a huge success!

    1. Cubfanbob

      Where do I sign up ?

      After the Bears have collapsed in Cubs fashion every year since the championship ’10 game seeing them lose once again to the Packers just gives me numb to the entire nfl feeling.

  11. Dick Gozinya

    Ps Aaron Rodgers makes me want to vomit. So does the entire packers team. I Blame The Lions!

  12. JB

    The season should have been over weeks ago…if the Bears win just one of these games against the Redskins, Rams, Vikings or Lions(2), last night’s game means nothing.

    The Bears did this to themselves which is what all bad team always does

  13. itzscott

    How do the Packers CONSISTENTLY come up with great quarterbacks one after the other and the Bears have never been able to come up with JUST ONE in my lifetime…. which goes back to Bill Wade, Rudy Bukich, Bobby Douglas and on & on & on??

  14. Greenroom

    As a life long Bears fan, that was brutal. I got my new “sweetness” shirt for Christmas and I thought I was bringing some good mojo. Living in Va. Beach even my buddies here were at a loss for words as the “Skins season was over. Conte didn’t even hand check Cobb at the line. nothing. I mean, chip him, push him with one hand, damn just stand there and let him run into you, something, anything. good grief. But like so many of you, I agree, we did this to ourselves. As much as we had a young and inexperienced D, I would have liked to see some sort of adjustment..anything. I am not so sure about the defensive coordinator anymore. ugh. But I do think the Bears are on to a good run of seasons. If we can get our defense back to %50 of what it use to be, we will be put some pressure on people with the Trestman offense. my saying yesterday, well at least offensively. “In Trestman we trust” peace~