It All Comes Down to This: Your Packers at Bears Game Thread


A list of things I think I know before the result is here, and your morning bullets were here.

Who:Β Packers (7-7-1) at Bears (8-7)

When: Kickoff is scheduled for 4:25 E.T. on FOX; Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, and Pam Oliver are in town to call the action.

Where:Β At home on the lakefront. It looks like it’s going to be a very windy day at Soldier Field, with temperatures falling from the twenties to the teens throughout the game, and windchills in the single digits. Exactly what you’d expect from a late December game in Chicago.


  • Earl Bennett is officially inactive for today. That’s unfortunate, as the Bears will likely need every bit of offense than can find.
  • Randall Cobb will give it a go for the Packers. He and Rodgers are both coming off of long-term injuries; having your first game back in the cold won’t be a fun test, I’m sure.
  • The Bears lead the all-time series with a record of 93-88-6; it dates back to 1921. Chicago is just 2-8 over the past 10 contests, however. But they did win earlier this year at Lambeau Field.
  • It probably doesn’t need to be said at this point, but if the Bears win this game, they’re in the playoffs. If they lose, the season is over. So, essentially, the playoffs start today.

It’s finally here. I hate roller coasters, but I feel like the Bears have forced me to ride one this year. At least it’s been interesting. I’d take this over a 5-11 season any day.

Jay Rigdon is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation Bears, and can also be found @BearsBN on Twitter.

24 responses to “It All Comes Down to This: Your Packers at Bears Game Thread”

  1. Cubs_Questions

    Good return by Hester and a 15-yarder by the Packers to start this one. Let’s hope for a good opening drive!

  2. mjhurdle

    Bears defense didn’t get any better, and the refs are not helping at all. This might be a long game…

  3. mjhurdle


  4. Matty V

    Great way to take momentum back after three and out on the first drive after a good kick return, a blown call on the Bears punt, and the Packers driving the length of the field. Big pick, and nice answer drive!

  5. Johnny

    Defense needs to get a stop we can’t be expecting Ints the rest of the game.

  6. Matty V

    That personal foul on the Rodgers sack was an absolutely horrible call!!!

  7. Tim

    What the hell is wrong with podlesh

  8. mjhurdle

    everybody on the Bears defense should be fined 10K for standing around watching the ball lay on the ground. for the love of god Joe Buck could see the refs hadn’t ruled it dead yet and he is hundreds of feet away from the field.

    1. Matty V

      I don’t know all of the NFL rules, but isn’t there some kind of rule about an offense fumbling the ball forward and not being able to advance it?

      1. MikeCubs

        That’s what I thought too. Otherwise you can just volley the ball forward with your hand to another offensive player without needing a catch. The rule may only apply to 4th down though.

      2. Rudiger

        That rule is only in play on fourth or during the last two minutes of a half, I think.

  9. Cubs_Questions

    And the Alshon Jeffery fumble that leads to the last Packers score puts the bow on a weird first half. Feeling frustrated.

  10. mjhurdle

    I look forward to the day when I don’t have to watch Conte tackling or diving at someone AFTER they already scored.

  11. Cubs_Questions

    How did Conte let Quarless make that catch on the Packers’ last drive? And then didn’t even think to touch the guy to down him. Dude’s a stud, obviously.

  12. mjhurdle

    need a big play from the defense now.

  13. mjhurdle

    The Chicago Bears 2013 season can be summed up as “Chris Conte is a waste of space”

    1. Coop

      Conte is the worst. He is bad at football.

  14. Funn Dave

    Can I just note how fitting it is that Cutler’s last pass as a Bear was an interception to the Packers? πŸ˜›

  15. mjhurdle

    the loss doesn’t sting as bad because, with this defense, there was no way they would get past the 49s or the Saints.
    Really excited to see how the bears fix the defensive side of the ball in the offseason.

  16. MikeCubs

    Overall, Bears played a decent game. Offense scored 4 tds. Defense made a few big plays, which is all you can expect with injuries. Hester had a few nice returns. I thought we should have gone for 4th and 2 at the 35 first drive of the game; the punt only changed field position by 15 yards. Our offense was way to conservative in the first half. That forward fumble play was ridiculous; how do you not fall on the ball just in case? The refs made a couple bad calls on the touchback after our first punt and the McClellin roughing penalty was b.s. Cutler played a good game too. Both teams are pretty even.

    1. Matty V

      Agreed. Lots of moments that could have swung the game either way. The Bears had a couple of bad calls go against them, but the Packers had a pretty big one that was a catch and then reversed to incomplete. In my mind, the game was lost because of 2 moments where the defense wasn’t paying attention… The fumble the Packers ran into the end zone and Conte letting Cobb run free down the field on 4th down. The Bears are a team that are capable of making the playoffs, but they need a defensive overhaul if they want to advance once they get there.

      1. MikeCubs

        The odd thing about the game winning td is that was better than a 10 yard 1st down. Packers would have run out clock gaining a few yards and kicked a field goal. At least we got the ball back with a chance. Marshall drop down the middle was big. We would have had 2 realistic end zone shots.