Tim Jennings and Kyle Long added to Pro Bowl Roster

palm_treeTim Jennings recently signed a long-term contract extension, and now he gets to celebrate with a trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. Jennings was added to the roster in place of Richard Sherman, who will obviously be too busy shouting at people in preparation for the Super Bowl. (Joke.) Joining Jennings will be Kyle Long, who was added in place of injured 49er lineman Mike Iupati.

Combined with the previously announced honors for Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall, and Alshon Jeffery, the Bears now have five players on the Pro Bowl roster, making next Sunday’s game a bit more interesting. Although, really, it’s still not that interesting. It’s my least favorite all-star game. My rankings would be:

1. NBA

2. MLB

3. NFL

(I’m not a big NHL fan, as I never had a team to cheer for. Well, unless the Fort Wayne Komets count.)

Baseball used to be my favorite, but the tie-game in 2002 turned me off to such a degree that it hasn’t reclaimed the top spot, no matter how many gimmicks Bud Selig throws at me. (Although the 15-inning 2008 contest went a long way toward earning my forgiveness.) As for the NBA game, it’s sort of entertaining for three quarters to see NBA players try stupid things, but as the game winds down, they actually try to win, which is more than can be said about the NFL game. And the sport they’re playing resembles a regular season game.

No one wants to tackle in the Pro Bowl, which is completely understandable. Why risk that sort of thing? It’s a glorified seven on seven contest, or flag football. From a fan’s perspective, I don’t see a big reason for the game to exist; it obviously earns the NFL money, and it’s nice for the players, I’m sure. But it’s not appointment television for me, even with a format change that adds a fantasy draft element to this year’s proceedings.

But, regardless, it’s cool to see Jennings and Long make the trip, even as alternates. They’re both deserving, and they’re both core pieces for the Bears moving forward. (As are Forte, Marshall, and Jeffery.)

Let’s hope no one gets hurt.


Jay Rigdon is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation Bears, and can also be found @BearsBN on Twitter.

7 responses to “Tim Jennings and Kyle Long added to Pro Bowl Roster”

  1. ssckelley

    My favorite is still MLB, baseball is a sport that is tough to turn it on and off. It is still about guys trying to hit 90+ mph fastballs and MLB off speed/breaking pitches. Plus I enjoy the home run derby and the celebrity softball events that lead up to the game. The Pro Bowl is not far behind, they always start off slow but by the 4th quarter someone is trying to win it. Football is another sport where it is hard to turn it on or off, they may not be playing all out but they want the winning share of the pot at the end of the game. The NBA is only fun to watch because of all the dunks, they don’t start getting serious until the last few minutes of the game. The NBA ranks a distant 3rd.

    It is very neat to see Long make the Pro Bowl after all the ridicule the Bears took for drafting him in the first round.

  2. DReese

    This is very awesome im so happy so many bears are going to the pro bowl!

  3. mdavis

    i’ll admit to eating crow on the kyle long pick. i didnt understand it. but its turned out great so far.

    bears are the chiefs from a year ago. mediocre (well, chiefs were bad) yet 5 pro bowlers…

  4. J. F. Edwards

    The difference between the 2012 OL and the 2013 OL was the most dramatic turnaround I’ve ever seen in one NFL season. Unreal.

    Hard to believe we’re talking about the Bears, here. Wow.

    1. mdavis

      yeah it was impressive. gives me hope that emery can do the same thing to the DLine this offseason. Signed 2 FA last year, drafted 2 guys. Now, Trestman schematically helped with this also. Forte chipping, Bennett staying in, Britton in the jumbo packages, as well as play designs with the ball getting out quickly, but as a whole a very impressive turnaround for the guys up front. Really glad they brought back Slauson too. Didn’t hear anything about him this past season…which is a good thing if you’re an olineman.

  5. Matt

    They should honestly just make the thing flag football. Why not.

    1. mdavis

      tell that to Robert Edwards. he disagrees.