NFL Draft 2014 Day 3 (Multiple Updates)

EmerychatAfter bolstering their defensive line’s interior last night, the Bears look to get as much talent as possible today as the 2014 NFL Draft concludes. The Bears have the following picks today, barring any wheeling and dealing:

Round 4: 17 (117 overall)

Round 5: 16 (156 overall)

Round 6: 7 (183 overall; the Bears received this pick from Tampa Bay in exchange for Gabe Carimi)

Round 6: 15 (191 overall)

The Bears traded their seventh round selection to Dallas for TE Dante Rosario last offseason.

This is an important day; if teams can find value in these rounds, it gets a lot easier to build a successful team. I think you might even see an offensive player or two taken today by the Bears, but in general they’ll stick to their board.

I’ll update as I can throughout the day.

Update #1:

The Bears took Arizona running back Ka’Deem Carey with their 4th round selection. Carey was extremely productive in college, is apparently a good receiver out of the backfield, and a more than capable blocker. All the things a running back needs to succeed in Marc Trestman’s offense. He fell to the fourth round due to a few factors: the general devaluation of the running back position, his 4.7 40-yard dash time, and some character concerns. Given the lack of depth behind Matt Forte, I’d guess Carey slots in right away as his backup.

Update #2:

The Bears traded back into the fourth round to take Minnesota safety Brock Vereen. Vereen was a converted corner, and he comes with some positive reviews. He’s only 6 feet tall, and every capsule I’ve found makes sure to mention his short arms. Other than that, it seems like he’s a solid prospect, with the ability to compete for a starting job from day one. I rated safety as the Bears biggest need, and the fact that the Bears traded up to take him makes me think he was the last safety on a particular tier the Bears were targeting.

As for the trade itself, it’s not too bad; the Bears traded fifth round choices in 2014 and 2015 for Denver’s 2014 fourth (used to take Vereen) and a 2014 seventh rounder (the Bears did not have a seventh until the trade, as noted above.) This leaves the Bears with two sixth round picks, and one seventh; it wouldn’t stun me to see the Bears move up into the fifth using that combo of sixth round picks; that depends on players available, of course.

Linebacker, punter, and wide receiver would be my guesses if the Bears try to fill needs; but at this point in the draft it’s more about taking the best talent available.

Jay Rigdon is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation Bears, and can also be found @BearsBN on Twitter.

67 responses to “NFL Draft 2014 Day 3 (Multiple Updates)”

  1. mdavis

    bouncing over to the new thread!

  2. mdavis

    i didnt realize McGill is already 25

    1. Austin

      There goes McGill pick right before the Bears.

  3. mdavis

    i forgot about Savage. like him a lot. could be on the Texans radar

    1. Austin

      You called it Savage to the Texans right there.

  4. Austin

    Based on whats left on the board I’m really expecting this pick to be a LB for the Bears.

  5. mdavis

    McGill gone. Desir here? Reynolds? Vereen?

    1. Austin

      I could see Desir but I still believe its gonna be a LB.

  6. Austin

    Well looks like they are trading it. I wonder how far down they are going.

    1. Austin

      Or not?

      1. mdavis

        ka’deem carey…interesting.. good back, not very explosive. lots of character concerns…and seems a bit early to take a back when you have safety and lb needs

        1. Austin

          I think Safety won’t really be addressed. There isn’t any true Safety’s left that will be worth it and the risk of moving a CB is big as we saw with Hardin a couple years ago. I would’ve like a LB but I was hoping they would have taken Carey coming into the draft.

  7. Austin

    I like that pick of Carey. He is a perfect compliment to Forte and could be his replacement in a couple years.

    1. cubbiekoolaid2015

      Great pick in my opinion. I was hoping to get one of Carey, Thomas, or Harris in the middle rounds. Glad we got one of them.

      1. Austin

        Yea I was hoping for Carey or Crowell at RB.

  8. Austin

    Carey is a powerful guy which is what the Bears need. And he is deceptively fast IMO. He just needs to keep his off field stuff under control.

  9. Austin

    I wasn’t expecting Logan Thomas to be the first QB taken today.

    1. mdavis

      yeah agreed. has all of the tools though. arians worked magic before, maybe he can agin? and i like the Carey pick. BPA i think, and you dont rush for nearly 4,000 yards in two years unless you’re a player. hopefully will get a few carries a game to take a little wear off forte. but youre right, needs to stay out of trouble

  10. Nathan

    Like the pick. Perfect example of a mid round RB that turns into a starter down the road.

    Now time to get Jordan Tripp, TJ Jones, or Marqueston Huff with the next pick

    1. Austin

      Huff is off the board now.

      1. Nathan

        I jinxed it haha. He was my favorite safety day 3. Maybe Telvin Smith then…

  11. cubbiekoolaid2015

    Draft grades for the Bears and Phil Emery so far?

    I give them a solid B. They have filled 3 needs(cornerback, defensive tackle, and back up running back) and have gotten fair to good value for at least 3 of the 4 picks. Good job Phil!

    1. Austin

      Even tho I’m higher on Ego than yourself I would agree with the B grade. I think with no bias the Bears have had the best draft so far. I’d put Lions (B-) second, Vikings 3rd (B-), and then Packers 4th (C). I’m only putting Lions second because of Ebron and the rest of that O is a little scary for the Bears D.

      1. cubbiekoolaid2015

        I like your grades and agree on the Lions O. Good thing Fuller already has experience shutting down Ebron. It should be fun to watch Peanut go one on one with Calvin, Fuller go one on one with Ebron, and Jennings go one on one with Tate.

    2. cubbiekoolaid2015

      I think the grade just got pushed to a B+

      Absolutely love the Vereen pick. The guy will contribute immediately on special teams and has a chance to beat out Conte and Jennings for the other safety spot.

      1. Austin

        I’d keep it at a B but I like Vereen as well. He’s another body to compete but I think he is only a stop gap until they can get a better guy in there next year or the year after.

  12. Austin

    Bears just traded up to 131. I wonder who they are getting here. This might be a Safety/Cornerback

  13. cubbiekoolaid2015

    Bears trade up for Brock Vereen. There is your safety ladies and gentleman!

  14. Austin

    I’ve never seen Vereen play or at least not noticed him but based on his size and his 200 tackles it seems like he could be a FS or SS. Maybe more of a FS tho.

  15. cubbiekoolaid2015

    Getting a backup tight end like Lyerla would be the cherry on top of this draft sundae.

    1. Austin

      Couldn’t agree more. I just have a feeling he will be gone before the Bears next pick sadly.

    2. mdavis

      i think Vereen is in the FS category. converted from corner in college so has the cover skills. could be a guy to step in day 1 and start. McShay likes his tape a lot, and tape dont lie

  16. mdavis

    skov, smallwood, bullough all still on the board

  17. JulioZuleta

    With the 183rd pick-I think as long as the new guy doesn’t murder any teammates in training camp, we can call that Carimi trade a win.

  18. Austin

    Im hoping for Lyrela the TE and a LB like Skov or Smallwood in the 6th round and then a WR in the 7th. A slot WR like Jeremy Gallon or a Solomon Patton. I think 2 of those three in the 6th round and then a slot WR in 7th would make this a perfect ending to the Bears draft.

    1. Austin


    2. cubbiekoolaid2015

      It may sound a little crazy but I hope we use that 7th round pick that we got in the Carey trade on whoever the top rated punter is. Punting has been a huge problem with this team the last few years and flipping field position is so important in today’s NFL.

      1. Austin

        I could see that, more than likely your 7th round pick’s chances of making the team are little so your just hoping something sticks at that point. And i haven’t seen any Punters selected yet so the top ones might still be there. I’d also expect to see them sign 1 or 2 once the draft ends.

  19. Austin

    Lions just got a steal in Caruan Reid. He is gonna be a great DT in a couple years. He is a little bit of a project but the Lions can afford the time to let him develop with Fairley and Suh in front of him.

    1. Nathan

      Agreed on Reid. If we didn’t draft two DTs yesterday I would have mentioned him earlier. Tripp just got drafted as well. I think he has very good upside.

      Bears should go LB, WR, or whoever they think is the BPA left. Maybe Lyerla

  20. cubbiekoolaid2015

    Woooot theirs my punter!

  21. Funn Dave

    So…didn’t Emery say right before the draft that he rejects the notion of drafting a quarterback in the later rounds for developmental purposes? And didn’t he do just that in the sixth round?

    1. Austin

      He did, it could’ve been his GM talk to not give away that yes he actually was looking at QB’s. He almost never gives his plans away so I was kinda surprised he said anything about it.

      1. Funn Dave

        I was kinda thinking that, as well. It’s definitely an interesting pick, but I think he knew what he was doing.

  22. Nathan

    David Fales is exactly the type of quarterback Trestman loves. That might have had something to do with it.

    1. Funn Dave

      Good point. Oh, man. As a Packers fan, that makes me nervous.

    2. Jon

      I would feel a lot better about him if his name was David Succeeds.

      1. mdavis

        hahaha. well played. i like Fales personally. just to my unprofessional eye, he’s athletic, with a very natural compact throwing motion. he has good feet, and throws a real pretty, tight spiral. arm strength leaves something to be desired, but has pretty good accuracy. he can sometimes be an overstrider, especially when he tries to get something extra on tha ball, and it makes him about 5’9″. This is a pretty easily correctable issue though and not something to be overly concerned by. all in all, a good guy to bring in to learn and be groomed to be a #2. I dont think he’ll ever reach starter status in the league, but that doesnt mean he cant develop into a nice backup.

      2. cubbiekoolaid2015

        What if his middle name was “never?”

        David Never Fales. 🙂

  23. Austin

    Jay will probably have an article with a draft breakdown later but I figured I’d give it a go and do a real short breakdown for each pick. (Disclaimer: I am no expert, far from it, but I do have a good amount of knowledge of football enough that I think I can give a semi decent breakdown. Also I’m bored so it gives me something to do.

    Round: 1 Pick: 14 Kyle Fuller CB 6’0 190:
    Kyle Fuller will be a great CB in the NFL IMO. After watching his highlight film he isn’t afraid to play near the line of scrimmage in the box and go after the hits that other CB’s tend to shy away from. From what I saw he played off the line a lot when in man on man situations and was able to keep most guys in front of him. I didn’t see many plays where he was up on the line and played tight on the WR to bump it at the line so that will be something to watch. He will be a great special teamer right away and could play on 4 of the units in punt return, punt, kickoff, and field goal D. Projection year 1: He will be starting Nickel right away.

    Round: 2 Pick:51 Ego Ferguson DT 6’3 315:
    Some are low but I really like this pick. Ego is a run stuffing machine and can play either the 3-Tech or NT which bring versatility that Emery loves. He has a great first step but at the same time he stands straight up A LOT. While I don’t think Ego will ever be a Pro Bowler I believe he will become a good starter in the NFL who will anchor the Run D for years to come. Projection year 1: A rotational guy that will probably play more on 1st and 2nd downs and goal line situations.

    Round: 3 Pick: 82 Will Sutton DT 6’0 300 (Maybe 290):
    I believe Sutton can become a Pro Bowl DT and he can become that very quickly IF he regains his 2012 form. In 2012 he was explosive and as disruptive of any DT that year. In 2013 he decided to go from 285 to almost 320 and his production dropped. In 2012 Sutton had a great first step and had a power punch that got G’s and C’s off balance and then he used his speed to blow by them. He is the perfect fit for a 3-Tech when at his lower weight. Hopefully with going back down he will regain some of the explosiveness he showed in 2012 that made him such a tough person to block. Projection in year 1: 1st man out for the 3-Tech rotation that by the end of the year will be starting. I have the highest expectations for Sutton out of this draft.

    Round: 4 Pick: 117 Ka’Deem Carey RB 5’9 207:
    Carey is a pick that I loved when it happened. He was probably a 3rd round prospect maybe even a 2nd round guy but a slow 40 and some off field issues pushed him down and the Bears got a great value pick here. While the 40 time was slow he plays faster on film and his game is more between the tackles than running it to the outside. He will compliment Forte well and over time I believe he will be Forte’s replacement. He won’t down on first contact and when you give him the ball he will get you 3-4 yards at a minimum. He has great balance and is a little deceptively agile. Projection for year 1: Short yardage guy and will give Forte rest every once in awhile. Baring an injury he will probably see similar carries that Bush received last year.

    1. Funn Dave

      I just can’t wait to see Kyle Fuller get burned by Randall Cobb while our new WR goes long.

      Sorry dudes, apparently I’m Evill Dave tonight.

  24. Austin

    Round: 4 Pick: 131 Brock Vereen CB/S 6’0 199:
    Vereen will be in the competition for starting FS from day one. He has pretty good ball skills and isn’t afraid to come up and hit someone but at his size that pop isn’t much. He has pretty good instincts but they need to improve if he wants to be a mainstay at FS for the Bears. His film is mainly CB as that is where he played this year so it is tough to get a real gauge on just how good he could be but I believe he will most likely be a stop gap Safety for the Bears but a guy that won’t be a black hole like Conte has been. I like the pick as a solid contributor but I wouldn’t expect much. Projection for 1st year: Starting FS but will be just Average.

    Round: 6 Pick: 183 David Fales QB 6’2 212:
    Fales while not one of the big strong arm QB’s in this draft he does have great accuracy but he won’t get the ball in any tight areas like Cutler. He will follow through on his progressions and won’t force many passes. This pick was a pure developmental pick for Trestman to try and work his magic and try and get something out of him. I don’t see a full time starter out of him but he might be able to be a fill in guy here and there in case of injuries but the Bears do not have Cutlers replacement in Foles that I’m positive. Projection for year 1: He will compete with Jarrod Johnson for #3 QB and will probably beat him out. Not much more than that.

    Round 6 Pick: 191 Pat O’Donnell P 6’4 220
    O’Donnell is a huge Punter and probably the best one of this years class. He has a big leg that will help switch the field but he doesn’t have the pinpoint accuracy that Brad Maynard blessed the Bears with for so long. Projection for year 1: I believe he will beat out the two punters on the team currently and will perform adequately.

    Round: 7 Pick: 246 Charles Leno Jr OT/OG 6’4 303
    Leno is a great project pick for Kromer to work with. He is raw but has some great athletic abilities. He has great feet that is hard to come by and can bring a punch that will set anyone off. He is a little inconsistent but if he gets in the weight room and takes to Kromer’s teaching he could become a great RT or either G. He is probably gonna be better inside but with the feet and athleticism he possess it would be hard to not try him outside first. Projection for year 1: Barring multiple injuries he won’t play much if at all. He just isn’t ready but over time he has the potential to be a pretty good OL. He just needs time.

    This was a lot longer than I thought it would be but I think this gives a basis on what to expect from the point of view of a non-expert. Many might disagree with some things I said and thats alright. I’m excited for this draft it has a mix of high potential guys that need time and guys that can step in day 1 and contribute. Time will tell like always but of Emery’s three drafts so far I would put this one on top. Overall Draft Grade: B

  25. kash


    Very thorough! I agree with your comments. My grade is a solid B as well

  26. Ajbearsfan

    Just read that the bears will offer quarter back Jordan lynch from northern Illinois a contract. I like this. He was great in college and a real stand up guy. Good leader as well.

    1. mdavis

      theyre making lynch a running back. which i like. good athlete. maybe can stick as a p-squad guy, or develop into a 3rd down type

  27. abe

    I see a pattern with Emery picks. He picks guy that other would have thought of. Jake long: only played 5 games. Ego only started one year in collage. Sutton bulked up for his senior year and plays better small.

    I like the potential!!

  28. Jon

    Will Sutton in the 3rd makes the draft for me. He was better than Aaron Donald in 2012.

    Sutton, IMO, is actually the antithesis “Emery Pick”, kind of. He actually doesn’t have crazy combine #’s. Average size, average timed speed. All he has is an insane college resume of production.

    In that regard, I like that Phil is open minded about players and doesn’t always have to have a player that 100% fits his profile.

    1. mdavis

      agreed. and his down year came from putting on that weight. which, apparently, scouts are looking at two ways. 1. lazy. or 2. he was being moved to a new postion in a new scheme, and bulked up to play it, sacraficing his personal stats for the better of the team. either way hes down to 290, which is where i think he should stay. good pick though

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