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Category: Enhanced Box Scores

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 1, Mets 6 – April 19, 2010

Sometimes I feel like I’m writing a Dan Brown novel here, because it’s the same story, recycled again and again. Except here, we don’t at least get any exciting revelations about seventeenth century freemasons. The starting pitching was great, the offense was pathetic, and the bullpen imploded. If there is a certain cure out there […]


Enhanced Box Score: Astros 3, Cubs 2 – April 18, 2010

Cubs anal. For explanation, see here. It’s the season in a microcosm: offense fails to come through with any kind of regularity or predictability, the starter throws a brilliant game only to see the bullpen blow it, and the Cubs lose to a team they should be pounding.

Enhanced Box Score: Astros 2, Cubs 7 – April 16, 2010

That was actually a much closer call than the score leads on. The Cubs were basically being dominated by … Felipe Paulino? I guess it could be worse – they could have been owned by Carlos Silva. I kid, I kid. But seriously, who is this guy? I think most folks would say that Silva […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 1, Reds 3 – April 11, 2010

Once again, the starting pitching shines, while the bullpen chokes. But that’s not the story of this one. The story today was the abysmal offensive performance with men on base, and the hilarious defensive performance in left field by Mr. Soriano.

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Reds 5 – April 9, 2010

The horror. The horror. Carlos Silva looked as good as Esmailin Caridad looked bad. The offense slapped Homer Bailey around, but didn’t have enough runs to show for it – Aramis Ramirez hit approximately 15 balls to the warning track. Still, the story was the bullpen, and then the oh-so-close to a comeback in the […]


Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 2, Braves 0 – April 8, 2010

Party in your pants! Randy Wells is apparently the stopper the Cubs need, and Tyler Colvin is apparently capable of hitting bombs when the games mean something. Additionally, a friend recently said something I’d been thinking for a few weeks: Marlon Byrd is the reincarnation of Glenallen Hill.

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 2, Braves 3 – April 7, 2010

Great starting pitching performance? Check. Questionable defense? Check. Disappointing offense? Check. Bullpen blows it? Check. Sound familiar? That’s the 2009 Cubs, folks. And you watched them last night, right here in 2010. It was kind of like time traveling, which would be cool.

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 5, Braves 16 – April 5, 2010

Fact: 37% of household accidents are caused by the Chicago Cubs. I didn’t make it to the second time through the Braves lineup before I’d dropped my remote control into the wall. Gotta watch those household accidents. There are enough negatives from this game to fill a dozen Enhanced Box Scores, but allow me to […]