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Category: Fantasy Baseball


The Free $150 Fantasy Baseball Tourney is TODAY: Join or Cry

All right, folks. This is it. The free, one-day, fantasy baseball tournament on DraftStreet is today. If you haven’t already signed up for a chance to have some fun and win some money ($150 in cash prizes, with five people winning cash), you’re running out of time. When the first game starts today – the […]

My Team for the Free $150 Fantasy Baseball Tourney

This is today’s reminder to sign up for the free $150 Fantasy Baseball Tourney, which runs tomorrow. Details here. Sign up here. I put my team together yesterday, and I’ll probably keep tinkering with it throughout the day and tomorrow, but I thought I’d share a couple of my picks. On the pitching side of […]

Free Fantasy Baseball Tournament – $150 Up for Grabs

Something to do while you wait on today’s rubber game in Los Angeles… It’s the best free fantasy baseball cash giveaway on the ‘net. I’m asking all my loyal readers (and casual readers, and folks who hate me) to help me out and sign up for a FREE cash one-day fantasy baseball tourney. There’s $150 […]

Announcing the Free $150 Fantasy Baseball Contest

I told you that you’d want to come back today. Bleacher Nation has been given the opportunity to host an exclusive, one-day, FREE fantasy baseball contest through, this Friday, May 6 (semi-warning: that link features a picture of a sexy lady in an almost shockingly low-cut bikini type thing. Still technically safe for work, […]

So, About Those DraftStreet Banners

You’ve no doubt noticed the three DraftStreet banners up on the site for the last week or so. And here’s where I tell you that they’re not quite “just” advertisements. They are foreshadowing something pretty awesome that’s going to be happening here at Bleacher Nation this week. I can’t tell you the details quite yet […]

Bleacher Nation Fantasy Baseball League – Times Three

For those of you who were shut out of the first two Bleacher Nation fantasy baseball leagues (hey, what do you know, we’re popular!), reader Marc has agreed to set up a third league (settings the same as the first two). To get in, shoot Marc an email at marc DOT hampson AT, and […]

Bleacher Nation Fantasy Baseball League – Times Two

Due to overwhelming demand, we’re going to open up a second Bleacher Nation Fantasy Baseball League, which will almost certainly be twice as awesome as the first league. The settings (league and draft settings) and password info for Bleacher Nation 2 are the same as the first league (described in the immediately preceding post), and […]

Bleacher Nation Fantasy Baseball League

Looking to join a new fantasy baseball league with other Cubs fans? Looking to test your mettle against the best? Looking to kick my ass in something? BN reader Marc approached me about setting up a fantasy baseball league for us this year, and as a long-time fantasy football player – but fantasy baseball virgin […]