Chicago Cubs Videos

Welcome to your one-stop shop for Chicago Cubs videos – whether they’re funny, exciting, or historic, we plan on collecting them for you right here.

Glenallen Hill’s rooftop home run:

Eddie Vedder – Someday We’ll Go All the Way:

Cubs Manager Lee Elia’s Famous Profanity-Laced Tirade (incredibly NSFW – language):

Carlos Zambrano’s September 14, 2008 No-Hitter Against the Astros:

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  1. Leroy K.

    Gosh, that Glenallen Hill video, I remember that stupid huge box that WGN had—it took up half the screen! LOL!!!

  2. Connie Janousek

    Check out my ORIGINAL new song/video about the Cubbies!!!

  3. Connie Janousek

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