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  1. ajbulls23

    Everyday players need to play everyday. Platooning players only works when you have depth. The Cubs don’t have the depth to be platooning players at a lot of positions. David Dejesus needs to play everyday. I can see platooning Scherholtz, Harriston, and Sapelt in right and spelling Soriano once a week to rest him. The Cubs are going to have big problems scoring even more so against lefties.

    1. mudge

      DeJesus 2012 vs. Left .149 -.289
      vs. Right .289 -.365

      hence the platoon.

    2. Voice of Reason

      Hairston should be playing every day in right field!

      This team has two power hitters: Soriano and Rizzo and that’s it!

      Hairston hit 20 home runs last year yet he can’t start ahead of Schierholtz who hasn’t hit 20 home runs in his career? Schierholtz should come in as a defensive replacement late in games and not be playing as part of a platoon. He is terrible offensively!!!

      What in the hell is wrong with Sveum.

      1. DarthHater

        Schierholtz’s career wOBA against righties: .317
        Hairston’s career wOBA against righties: .306

        Nothing in the hell is wrong with Sveum here.

  2. Voice of Reason

    How about sharing the CAREER home run numbers of Schierholtz and then sharing the home runs that Hairston hit LAST YEAR ONLY!

    I’ll be waiting!

    1. Xruben31

      And Schierholtz hits 20+ homeruns….

      1. Funn Dave


  3. EuroCub

    How does benching our one of top 3 productive players makes sense ? Check Shierholtz stats and come back again. It’s obvious that Soriano needs to feel the wood of the bench for the time being, because he is not even a 30% of what he was last year. Just put Hairston in LF, doesn’t make much difference whether it’s RF or LF.

    1. TWC

      “… Soriano needs to feel the wood of the bench … because he is not even a 30% of what he was last year.”

      Of course he’s only at 5.85% of last year’s PA totals. I’m be damn impressed if he was already at 30% of last year at this point.

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