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#31 King Jeff

King Jeff

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Posted 22 August 2013 - 02:32 PM

I like the idea of Castro and Rizzo batting 1-2 for the rest of the year.  Getting those two the most possible at bats and getting them turned around is probably the most important thing the MLB Cubs can do the rest of the year.

#32 Nate


    Bleacher Bum

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Posted 22 August 2013 - 07:38 PM


Actually, when it comes to the Tigers, it would probably be to their advantage if Cabrera and Fielder were #1 an #2 in the lineup.  More at-bats by their best OPS guys = more runs = more wins.


If you dont think a line up is constructed to cause fits to a pitcher, you miss a fundamental part of baseball.


Well, kid, you're wrong about that.  Pitchers (and their coaching staffs) have long scouting reports on all the hitters they face.  They pitch (or attempt) to a hitter's cold zones.  If Hitter A can't hit an inside fastball to save his life, and has a tendency to swing wildly at the low, out-of-the-zone pitches, that's what he's gonna see regardless of whether it's Barry Bonds or Darwin Barney on deck.


Evidence?  Post Soriano trade (July 26,) Rizzo has had 93 at bats, 16 hits, with a whopping .172 average and 13 walks; so a .311 obp.


That's not evidence.  Those are just numbers.  Rizzo has struggled since late July.  That is a fact.  You claim that it's because pitchers are pitching to him differently.  Prove it.  Look at the logs of pitches that Rizzo has seen since July 26 and tell he how they differ from those during the first half of the season.  That is where you've staked your claim.  Let's see what you've got before you start congratulating yourself on how much you've "shown me up".  Please try to stay on task.


I'm assuming Miggy/Prince 1-2 is a joke.  


If player A cant hit inside fastballs but happens to be expecting a pitcher to paint the inside with fastballs, he would have to adapt, wouldnt he?  THat's whats becoming a successful hitter in the big leagues is about.  You get hot at the plate and pitching adjusts, you get cold, you readjust.  Well good hitters do that.  


If you got a man on 2nd and batter #3 (Rizzo) is up with one out and Soriano on deck, who are you going to pitch to?  THe intangibles of 'cold zones' are overhyped, you play 2K too much.  Batters will know a pitcher with a good fastball is gonna try and beat them whereever with their fastball.  I can load a scenario too.


If pitchers only focus on 'cold zones' as you suggest, then Alphonso Soriano should be batting 0 because every pitcher would know to throw outside breaking balls in the dirt he'd golf club and miss at.


Oh, and before July 26 Rizzo was batting .250 with an OBP of .340.  Complete drop in production, yet Nate Scheirholtz's production has gone up?  I wonder why?  Pitchers pitching around Rizzo to take their chances with Nate?  


Nah......Nate just has no cold zones......to think pitchers would consider him less of a threat and more likely to throw him more stuff to hit because he has no history of anything else besides being a bench player in the Bay is completely absurd......


Cold zones everybody.  Remember that.  2K baseball is akin to the real life, everyday mlb



You're off a month.  Those were his numbers around June 26.  On July 25 he had a .237 BA and .331 OBP.  So, using your numbers there has been less of a drop in the month since the trade than the month before the trade.  He's been hitting better since the trade?

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