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Lay Off Clark!

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#1 Oswego Chris

Oswego Chris

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Posted 13 January 2014 - 04:38 PM

I can't blame Cubs' fans for the synical sarcastic troup we have become...but the Twitter rants against the Cubs' new mascot "Clark" seem a bit on the silly side to me.  I just feel the need to point out a few things:


- for those saying things such as "try fielding a winning team instead of worrying about a f#%king mascot!" (yes I read that almost word for word today)...Do you really think the creation and marketing of Clark has taken anything away from the off season plans?  If Tanaka doesn't come here, is it because the Ricketts family placed a higher priority on Clark? Is Clark going to knock our farm system down a few notches? 


-most kids(not all) love anything in a costume, even a character as crap-tastic as Chuck-E-Cheese!  When Tommy Hawk comes around at a Hawks game the kids go absolutely ape-shit.  Been to Disney World with kids before?...it could be raining freaking Blow-Pops and if characters come around the kids will go ga-ga for whatever member of the 7 dwarves it is.


-Clark is for kids...and yes I just made that point, but all of the anger and bitterness reminds me just a little of how nerdy Fan-boys react when Batman isn't quite tough enough, or Star Trek diverges from the official history of the Klingons, or the mention of JarJar Binks.(yes, I thought the character of JarJar was pretty bad, but I was 31 when I saw that movie...not 8.) Clark should have no bearing(wow, that's such a bad unintended pun that I should really take it out) on what anyone over the age of 11 thinks of the Cubs. He is not playing. 


There will be many jokes made at Clark and the Cubs' expense over the next few days and some of them will be funny(I saw one about him already eating 3 rooftop owners) but the Cubs are just trying to create a new revenue stream, and there are only 3 teams in all of baseball now that do NOT have mascots...the Dodgers, Yankees, and Angels.(Teams with revenue gushers compared to most team's "streams")


So please, give Clark a chance...for the kids.


and if he is a complete bust(like Poochie) may we never speak of him again.








#2 Dlee7674


    I'm New

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Posted 13 January 2014 - 07:06 PM

I completely agree, the backlash has been a bit harsh. To be honest I really could care less either way if we have a mascot or not but I also think that if anything it will help the club. Any way to add revenue to the team is fine by me. Plus at least the mascot is related to the team name. Living in Cincinnati I have to see freaking Mr. Red, Rosie Red and Gapper which are just a a man and a woman with baseball heads and a giant monster thing. If everybody is going to have a mascot at least ours is tastefull.

#3 hansman1982


    King Regent of The Calendar Trivia Empire

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Posted 13 January 2014 - 10:33 PM

Clearly, mascots work.  26 other teams wouldn't have them if they didn't.


I wonder if there is a correlation between hating the mascot and hating the DH?

#4 Cubbie Blues

Cubbie Blues

    The Engineer

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Posted 14 January 2014 - 12:28 AM

Clearly, mascots work.  26 other teams wouldn't have them if they didn't.


I wonder if there is a correlation between hating the mascot and hating the DH?

Obviously, it is a front to promote Ace's baby as the next GM.

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