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Rebuild or go for it now? I think we could still go either way

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Posted 04 January 2012 - 12:16 PM

At this point in the offseason, we are in an interesting position. We could totally rebuild the roster and try to get prospects or we could make some big moves and try to build around the major league team.

We have some difficulties with big contracts, a lineup that is torn apart, and a lack of talent and depth in the top of our farm system.

We will have to wait out the contracts, add power to our lineup, and cover up or add to top of our farm system.

With the Marshall trade and the Garza rumors it looks more likely that we could go with the rebuild. If this is the path we take it will be fun to see what prospects we can get in return. It would take a few years to get to where we want to be and prospects aren't always a sure thing, but this could be a great way to build a team that can consistenly compete.

But we haven't been quick to make any huge moves lately. It seems like we are waiting on something. I think that something is Prince Fielder. We could still go the rebuilding route and trade Garza...which hasn't happened yet...or we can sign Prince Fielder and go for it now...with a couple of other moves of course.

If we can sign Prince to a 7 year deal for $24 per with an opt out clause after 3 or 4 years....we would be moving on up right there.

If this is the way they go i would strongly look at BJ Upton as well. I don't know exactly what they would want for him...i would think of a three team deal involving Marmol with prospects going to Tampa Bay. He will be a FA after the year and we can decide what we want to do with him then.

The thing about going big with moves like Fielder and Upton is that it will cover up our lack of talent and depth in the high minors. We can wait a few years for our lower level guys to come up and fill the upper minors while we draft and sign youngsters to come behind them. That is another great way to build our farm system, just from a different angle.

Now I haven't touched on our pitching staff yet. Garza, Dempster, Zambrano, Wood, and Wells works for me. Dempster and Wells had down years last year but still were good in stretches. I think they are both undervalued right now. Garza will be good, Wood should be alright in the 4 spot, but then the bigger question mark is Zambrano. If they think they will be fine with him than I am okay with that. But if we can find a trade partner, such as the Marlins, then we could go after a free agent or find a trade.

The tough part with that rotation is that Dempster and Zambrano are in the last year of their contracts. That is two pretty big spots to fill for 2013...and there is that lack of talent/depth in our upper minor leagues. There are a couple options for us though. Andrew Cashner could be a good option to move back into the rotation if he is healthy. Trey McNutt could bounce back from his rough 2011 and be ready for the rotation in '13. Then we could have somebody else come up by that time or we can just deal with it when the time comes by using the trade and free agent markets.

So I am pretty interested in what will happen here in the next few weeks. It looks like we will go into rebuild mode, but I think we still might be lurking on Fielder...which means we go for it now. We can build for the future with either path. The price for Fielder and possible return for Garza could be tipping points in each direction. Let's see what happens. Go Cubs.

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