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Marmol ... WTF! (take two)

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#16 Cyranojoe


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Posted 09 May 2012 - 11:00 AM

What shocks me is that Marmol gets to walk two batters and then face a third guy. I feel for his pride, I'm sure I do somewhere, but when you don't throw two strikes in your first nine pitches, you shouldn't get a chance to throw a tenth. If I was a head coach and one of my players swung at more than one of Carlos' offerings, I'd greet the guy at the dugout steps and tell him his day was done. There's no reason to swing until Carlos starts throwing strikes consistently.

#17 BlueHorizons


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Posted 09 May 2012 - 01:01 PM

Yes, Marmol is shaky. No, he probably should not have been out there last night. But who the hell else is Sveum supposed to throw in this situation? The bullpen is a wreck, and Marmol is probably still in the top half of the pitchers down there. Wood has been shaky, Camp is garbage, Castillo isn't much better, nor is Bowden, Dolis threw two innings the day before and Russel was slated to be the closer.

Who should Sveum have thrown instead of Marmol?
And you CANNOT just cut the guy. He's owed a ton of money, and was previously the most dominant closer in the game's history (16 k/9 is absurd). He's lost his slider, but if he gets it back, (and considering half the league's closers to start the season are now injured or replaced), he could look really good for a contending team to take on half of his salary.

You call yourself a fan, man? This is pathetic, if you want the Cubs to win games, you should be hoping that he goes out there and fucking dominates like he used to. Actively hoping Marmol melts down is just dumb; more Marmol meltdowns are the exact opposite of what the team needs in, like, every way. Oh, sure, you say that it will lead to better pitchers in the bullpen, but will it? The bullpen is shaky, and there isn't much of anything in the minors to help out. And if you say "trade for a better one" I'm going to climb through my ethernet cord to slap you.

So, again, who should be in the bullpen instead of Carlos Marmol?

I agree with some of what you said ...
Yes, Marmol is shaky, but that's a HUGE understatement

Yes, the options available to Sveum are pretty stinkin' limited (actually, stinkin' is an appropriate adjective to use when talking about the Cubs bull pen). As others have pointed out, Camp (not to be confused with Kemp!!) is not a terrible option, and in fact a BIG step up from Marmol. I think Bowden, though I haven't seen much of him is another DECENT option, relatively speaking, especially when compared other options. Russel is another option, though he's probably going to be saved for the 9th, thus he couldn't be an answer to your question. Dolis, same as Russel, plus he wasn't really available due to recent workloads. So, there WERE other options...favorable options... to sending Marmol out onto the mound in that situation.

True, you can't just cut Marmol. You sure as heck can't trade him, either - at least not at this point, unless some other team's desperation becomes uncontrollable, and they haven't seen Marmol in the last year or so....

Yes, he at one time was dominant, but I have lost any hope in him returning to form. I am HOPING that I am wrong, but he's had every chance (more than a human was meant to have) to try and right the ship, and each chance he seems to be taking on water in all of the wrong places. I would rather the Cubs just write him off and take the loss than to sit through more excrutiatingly awful innings. As Pat Hughes commented during that debacle (and this from a guy that rarely if ever says negative things about a player), "this is just PAINFUL to watch."

Yes, I call myself a Cubs fan, and I take some offense to the "pathetic" reference. I have been a DIE-hard fan since my early memories of sitting on my grandfather's lap listening to games and hearing HIM complain about the attrocities being commited on the field, just like we do now. I think die-hard is appropriate because I feel like these games are killing me sometimes. I take it hard when the Cubs lose, especially those close games or those "should'a won", "blown win" games. Those games ruin my day and leave me in a bad mood for hours... sometimes longer.

No, I DON'T want the Cubs to lose... (re-read that last paragraph, will 'ya?!) But something has to change to prevent Sveum from putting Marmol on the mound, at least until he's fixed or improved, or there's a baker's dozen run margin in either direction. At the very lease, the number of links in the chain on the leash leading to Marmol's neck should be reduced to less than a handful. He CAN'T leave Marmol (or Wood - yeah, there is another topic, but I will "calm down" and not post about THAT situation) after the first walk... he can't continue leaving Marmol fumbling on the mound after TWO freakin' walks, a wild pitch... etc. THAT is what I am getting at... THAT is what instigated my plea. THAT is what I cannot stomach watching again!!!

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