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#48561 Albert Almora left the game this evening

Posted by DustinS on 22 June 2013 - 10:51 AM

Found the answer to this mystery.  He was pulled by the coach for failing to run out a ball to first on a pop up.  Another reason minors time is well spent.  I was at the game and didn't even really notice it myself (although I was there with family and somewhat distracted), but that answers it.  I just knew it didn't look like he was injured, and a mid-game call-up would have been odd.


As a side-note, it was the first time I saw Almora live and he was quite a bit smaller than I expected.  Still very young, but it was something that stuck out.  


I also have to say like Vogelbach even more now.  He seems like such a down to earth guy, always smiling, spitting, frumpy and dirty uniform, joking with the umps.  He definitely has a personality that reminds you of John Kruk.  I'm not entirely sure his swing can make it to the bigs, but I'm pulling for him.  

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