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In Topic: Mariners Talk!

08 December 2013 - 03:28 AM

Hultzen is injured and out for the year so take out the Trumbo trade and have them pick up a Corey Hart or so and that's a pretty good lineup.

In Topic: Take a deep breath

08 December 2013 - 02:49 AM

You are right wvcubsfan I should have explained that sentence further. All I meant by it was the front office is not going to say the cubs are going to be active in free agency and then miss out on free agents bc of the PR hit. I do believe him when he says the overall goal of the Cubs "build a strong farm system that will start producing major league talent" bc that is the goal of all successful teams @hansman you might be correct also and the Cubs just stick with what they got but the front office is feeling a lot of pressure and I just have a feeling there is no way the Cubs can go into next season without making any splashes in free agency. I will always be the first one to tell you that I have been wrong many times in my life but I really believe something is going to happen. I just don't understand how so many ppl say that they are certain the Cubs are going to make no moves. I would be absolutely ecstatic if the Cubs landed Tanaka and Choo. Don't give me the money excuse either bc the Cubs have so much payroll flexibility after this season and can backdate the contracts as needed.

In Topic: You should never plan for this, but what do you guys think about calling Baez...

04 November 2013 - 07:30 AM

Ok Lahair is a bad example and I'm lazy and don't feel like looking up a million examples of players that go from a fringe prospect as Alcantara was all his years in the system to crazy numbers that he put up last year in the minors.  I agree with you about Soler but I do see him as a Sept call up this year since he is on the 40 man roster.  My only point is that we should not trade an established player of Starlin's skill for some unproven players b/c we have Alcantara in the minors.  

In Topic: You should never plan for this, but what do you guys think about calling Baez...

02 November 2013 - 09:44 AM

I can see where you both are coming from with the lineup and projected lineup but I have to disagree.  Lake is and will always be a 4th outfielder on the Cubs.  I think everyone really needs to pump the brakes on Alcantara, yes he had a great year last year but Bryan Lahair had an amazing first half at the majors as well.  Go look at Alcantara's numbers pre 2013.  I see Alcantara and Lake as solid bench players and you know what?  Thats ok b/c a good team needs those type of players.  I don't see Starlin being moved until all star break at the earliest this way they can review Alcantara or Villanueva longer and make sure one of them can handle 2b on the major league level but if I had to guess Starlin does not get moved.  Here is my projection on how the offseason takes place: Cubs make a SERIOUS run at Tanaka and offer 75 million posting fee (if someone goes crazy and offers more so be it) I think the Cubs land him though.  They sign a backup catcher if I had to guess I would say Suzuki or Molina, they will also sign Chris Young to a 1 year 5 million deal so he can regain his value, they might sign a reliever on the cheap if they really like someone that slips to them.  Thats your offseason ppl IMO.

In Topic: What I would like to see this offseason.

14 October 2013 - 04:52 PM

Its actually not that much money if you think about it.  Also I would not be surprised if Shark is moved this offseason instead of the trade deadline, if they get a deal that makes them happy and if they really like Tanaka.  Now that I read my comment I would probably take the Davis or Guiterrez signing off and they could just bring Bougesvic back. The posting fee will come out of future years payrolls or International funds that the Cubs won't be using b/c of them forfeiting $ b/c of this years signings.  I really think the Cubs need to walk out of this years offseason with 1 player that they consider part of the "Future Core."  2015 starting rotation: Tanaka, Bailey or Scherzer, Wood, Jackson, and Johnson/Arrieta/Vizcaino (even though I believe he his future is a really good relief pitcher)/Neil Ramirez.  

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