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New AA middle infield

08 July 2013 - 09:41 PM

With the promotion to AA, Baez will now pair up the middle with Alcantara in Tennessee. They have been 2 of the best performing minor leaguers offensively this year (Alcantara .273/.349/.819, Baez .271/.334/.870). However, they have also been appearing quite often in the box score for their fielding blunders (Alcantara 23 errors, Baez 31). Their fielding woes have taken a back seat in the headlines because of their offense production. Their defense will not hold either player back in their steps towards the big leagues, but it is painful to think how bad our infield could be defensively if we ever saw them in the same infield as Castro (hypothetically Alcantara 2B, Castro SS, Baez 3B). Castro has led the majors in errors since 2010 with 98 (27,29,27,15) while posting a fielding % of .959. In 379 minor league games Alcantara has a f% of .903 (2B .933, SS .907, 3B .803) and Baez in 157 games has a .930 (all at SS). Castro has averaged 750 fielding chances in his 2 full seasons. Alcantara would total 73 errors in 750 chances at his career f%, Baez calculates to 53. THAT'S TERRIBLE!!!!!!  Can you say position change?!?!


As a 3B, 400 chances seem to be average for full time 3B in recent years. Baez's .930 f% would bring him 28 errors in 400 chances. While still high, this would be a forgivable total if the offense is there. Aramis Ramirez posted 33 errors and a .929 f% in 2003, while also posting a .272/.324/.788 slash with 27 HR's and 106 RBI. He will remain at SS for the obvious reasons, but I (and probably several others) still believe he will end up at 3B (or the outfield) once he arrives in Majors.


As for Alcantara, a .903 f% will not be permitted anywhere in the infield regardless of offensive production. His .933 f% at 2B in 298 chances is an improvement, but still a long way from a major league 2B level. Ian Kinsler has led or been near the top in errors for 2B since 2006. He has a career .977 f% and has never committed more than 18 errors in a season (averaging 652 chances per season). 2B seems to be a more likely position for Alcantara (assuming he stays in the infield) and the promotion of Baez will move him there permanently while he is in AA. With Logan Watkins playing 2B full time in AAA, I hope that Alcantara will stay in AA, and follow his previous minor league seasons and play a full season at the same level. It’s been working so far and full time 2B is what I think he needs defensively.



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