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Texas Rangers as a Trade Partners.....

28 July 2013 - 05:34 PM

In a way the Garza injury last year HELPED our farm system more than we know, even given the whole Dempster to Atlanta debacle.


Last trade deadline we:


We traded Soto for Jacob Brigham (who was hurt), so they gave us Barret Loux (RHP) instead.....win for us....


We traded Dempster for Kyle Hendricks (RHP) and Christian Villanueva (3B)......two quality pieces for a two month rental......though had we been able to make the original trade with Hotlanta we would have Randall Delgado in our MLB rotation right now.....


This year's trade deadline we:


We traded Garza for Mike Olt (3B), C.J. Edwards (RHP), Justin Grimm (RHP) and at least 1 if not 2 PTBNL's (probably depending on Neil Ramirez's shoulder after his DL stint).....



All in all we got our 'potential' starting 3rd Baseman, a skilled infielder in Villanueva that will more than likely end up at 2nd Base and 4-5 good pitching prospects back for 20 starts (combined) on two rental pitchers and a Schizophrenic catcher.....I would say that is as good a job as the FO could do to add that depth to the farm!


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