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22 September 2013 - 08:00 PM

  • I am a huge football fan and love watching the NFL and college games every weekend but I definitely find myself being more and more angry and fed up with the sport over the past few years. I agree with the point on celebrations that it has gotten excessive for basically meaningless plays. I am fine with a guy celebrating a touchdown or something that is actually game changing but when a guy does a dance or the “first down” signal after getting a 10 yard play it is extremely annoying. The main thing that gets me upset about the game now is all the rule changes and a flag coming out on every play. Guys on defense cant do anything anymore and if they do go hit a guy to try and stop him from catching the ball it is either a hit on a defenseless receiver or helmet to helmet or something else that is just ridiculous. Of course the guy is defenseless he is using both hands to try to catch the ball, it’s the defenders job to stop that. I understand that it is a safety thing but these guys know what they are getting into when they play the game. If you don’t like it then don’t play. To me it is no different then people who choose to still smoke when they know it can possibly give them cancer. You take that chance when you smoke so you can blame the cigarette company when you get cancer because there is a warning on the box. Same with football. You know there is a chance that you will have brain damage or your legs will be worthless when you turn 50 but that is your choice, you knew what you were getting into. Let the guys play the game and stop with the stupid flags.
For the NFL, I prefer football. In my opinion, although he somewhat violent, but overall still good. Limb collision is inevitable, but still limited.
Personally, I prefer watching the World Cup and La Liga.
Now the league has begun a long time. But is looking forward to the World Cup 2014 (Spam link removed by MG)

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