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Do we still (did you ever) see Rizzo as a 30 HR guy

27 November 2013 - 12:24 PM

More curious then anything.


He didn't hit a 3 run HR, a grand slam, or a HR to straight away CF all year. I think in his shortened 2012 season he hit more out to CF and LF than he did in all of 2013

You should never plan for this, but what do you guys think about calling Baez and Bryan...

29 October 2013 - 10:00 AM



Now, i should stress that this situation is assuming both are relatively ready.I was chatting with Jason Parks on twitter, and he said he expects Bryant to be at Wrigley by the SUMMER of 2014 (I was thinking September at the earliest). Of course, we know that this is the rough timeline that we were expecting a Baez promotion so.....


Do you think the Cubs should cut some development time for one of the players to call them both up at the same time? Now, this goes against what the front office generally preaches, but lets face it. With most resources directed towards Tanaka this offense might be pretty bad for the first few months. When either Baez or Bryant are nearing ready, there will probably be a buzz bigger than the one for Rizzo, which means a lot of unfair pressure will be placed on these 21/22 year olds. The only real way (I feel) to cut the pressure is to call them up in together, kind of ease them in, and let them know that they alone aren't meant to be saviors (I guess you kind of distribute the pressure). Rizzo handled it well but Rizzo also has an incredible mental makeup


I know a lot can happen between now and next June, but just wanted to discuss. I think this might have been their thought process calling up Vitters and Jackson? (Or not)

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