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#4671 BleacherNation wayback machine...

Posted by Hawkeye on 09 December 2011 - 09:20 AM

I agree with the masses on this one. I do miss the good ole days. I just wanted to make sure Brett knew we were still all out here. I don't post 10% as mush as I used to, but I still read faithfully, everyday, every hour! Thanks for all you do Brett. We are all still here.

#4350 Why Pete Rose should be in the HOF

Posted by Hawkeye on 01 December 2011 - 10:11 AM

I say that he at least deserves the chance to be voted on. Leave it up to the voters to make that decision. I feel it has been a long time and he has paid his dues. I was in Vegas a couple of years ago and walked by his shop where he just sits and signs memorabilia for a fee. He looked so miserable. He needs to be allowed to be around the game, especially before he gets old and passes away. Obviously the situations are totally different, but look how we all feel about Santo getting in this year. We will be happy, but will have empathy for him and his family. I am not saying Selig needs to put him in the hall, but leave it up to the decision makers. MLB is not Selig's personal kingdom to sit above and reign down his will.

#3553 BleacherNation Lexicon

Posted by Hawkeye on 04 November 2011 - 07:34 AM

At the suggestion of one, MichiganGoat, I believe it is time to start an offial BleacherNation Lexicon. Although relatively new in the grand scheme of things (only been posting for 10 months), I felt I would take the initiative to begin this process.

This Lexicon is to serve as a reference guide for new visitors to the site in hopes to bring them up to speed on any inside jokes, lingo, or verbage that may not be understood in the world outside of our little paradise.

This is to be considered a work in process, and will never be completely finished. Please feel free to add your thoughts and ideas as to words and definitions that need to be included. I have just started with a short list as to leave some material for others to add. Enjoy!


Ace: the former tag line used by the almighty creator, Brett. Other synonyms include, "The One" and "He who will bring balance to the force."

BNV: (BleacherNation Virgin) this relatively new term refers to those posting on this site for their first time.

Cookies: although many believe to know the definition of this word, it has taken on an alter meaning on this site. It once was used to defuse negative, unintelligent anti-Cubs reteric (see diehard). This term was largely overused in its brief exisitence and has since been banned from this site. The only reason for its inclusion in this list is to warn unsuspecting BVN's from unknowingly using the term. Consider yourselves warned.

Dick Tidrow: this man beast roamed the friendly confines from 1979-1982. His lore has grown to unfathomable heights within the halls of BleacherNation and is considered the "Chuck Norris" of his era. Tread lightly if you dare.

diehard: screen name used by a fellow poster to this site. This bitter individual has yet to accept the regime change, and still holds onto wrong doings of Cubs yester year. Take the comments posted by diehard with a grain of salt, but please keep your distance and do not poke the bear.

Bleacher Nation is not affiliated in any way with Major League Baseball or the Chicago National League Ballclub (that's the Cubs).