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Repairing the ridiculous mess up the middle...

14 October 2011 - 07:42 PM

1) Move Castro to 3rd base as his body mold is probably going to force a move down the road. If he can adjust in the offseason this would allow the Cubs to fill a hole defensively at SS. With 29 errors last year it's not giving the kid any more confidence. TIme to shift and learn 3rd.

2) Sign Jimmy Rollins if you want to shore up defense while you develop Javier Baez in the minors. Hopefully Baez can stick to SS with his frame but it'll be up to Cubs management on this one. I like a stop-gap like Rollins (4 yr deal with a club option on the 4th). Nice to dream a little dream.

3) Move Byrd to right field and bring Brett Jackson up to start at CF from the get go. Out of all the top 5 OF prospects only Harper and Jackson have yet to sniff the majors. We all now that both are going to be there in 2012. Scouting Jackson, Strengths: Well-rounded, athletic. Good bat speed. Solid plate discipline. Speed (4.15). Arm strength. Attitude...I say welcome to the bigs Kid. Having Byrd in RF, Jackson in CF and platooning LF seems the most logical if you want to improve the defense up the middle.

4) Barney at 2B, Rollins at SS, Jackson at CF seems to be a decent triangle of defense if you're serious about contending in a few years. Reyes is going to ask for too much and he wasn't that much better with the glove than Castro. Winning championships starts with defense and pitching. I'm tired of the errors...right the ship on this one.

Open to comments here...get the ball rolling.

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