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Matt Szczur wants me to play for the Cubs

17 July 2012 - 08:39 PM

So I'm on vacation in Daytona and caught a D-Cubs game. While I was at the game I jotted down a few notes. I don't have a lot from when the Cubs were pitching because that was the usual beer run time (yay Yuengling).
Matt Loosen got the start for the Cubs and pitched a gem. Hit 90s on his fastball even when they took him out in the 8th. He threw a ton of fastballs, missed his spots a couple of times but was overall damn good. He started losing some of his command in the seventh but stayed into the eighth. The Cubs almost made the most amazing double play but the throw was late to first.
Hitting wise most of my attention was on Szczur, Torryes and Riddling. All had ok games Szczur had a couple of RBIs and had some good at bats. He hit a grounder back to the pitcher who made a throwing error to first. Szczur tried to stretch it to a double since the ball was in shallow right but was barely thrown out at second. Dude was fast. He was also thrown out at third after going from first to third but knocked the ball out of the third basemans glove.
In the end, the cubs won and the bullpen didn't blow the game like they were doing last week.
Oh yea, about that title. I went to go get a couple of autographs after the game. I told Szczur I couldn't wait to see him in a real Cubs uniform and he said "you too buddy". Naturally I squealed because hey Matt Szczur couldnt wait to see me in a Cubs uniform. On the way out I was talking to the fiancée about it and she claims he said "me too buddy". ...I'm going with my story. Hey, Theo, I'm a third base guy.

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