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BNFL Week 5 Recap

07 May 2013 - 02:53 AM

So I'm sick, can't sleep, and am bored out of my mind. So I'm going to give this a shot. Trying to think of other things to throw in here as I go.


Best 3 Teams of the Week

  • League Leaders in Belly Fire - 520.33
  • Katie's Wrench - 432
  • Hamburglers - 420.5

Worst 3 Teams of the Week

  • Fear Boners - 264.49
  • Soler Power - 270.51
  • Sandberg! - 274

Best Eligible Hitter At Each Position

C - Buster Posey (Katie's Wrench...) - 45 Points

1B- Prince Fielder (Waving Wendells) - 65 Points

2B- Jason Kipnis (League Leaders) - 56 Points (Ryan Rayburn had 64 as a sort of FA)

3B- Miguel Cabrera (Cubbie Blues) - 77 Points

SS- Jean Segura (We Will Buck You) - 52 Points

OF- Carlos Gomez (We Score This Like Golf, Right?) - 79 Points

OF- Mike Trout (Angels in the TroutField) - 72 Points

OF- Starling Marte (We Will Buck You) - 68 Points

UTIL- Mark Trumbo (Stinky Pete) - 62 Points


Best Possible Pitching Staff (Only True RPs for the RP slot)


SP - Kevin "Who?" Slowey (The Hamburglars) 90 Points

SP - Justin "Who?" Verlander (Katies Wrench...) 87 Points

SP - Max Scherzer (Scherzer Schmashers) 81 Points

RP - Sergio Romo (The Hamburglars) 62 Points

RP - Edward Mujica (The Hamburglars) 45 Points

P   - Jaime "Don't Call Me Jamie" Garcia (Waving Wendells) 74 Points

P   - Tim Hudson (We Will Buck You) 73 Points


Worst 3 Owned Pitchers of the Week

  • Roy Halladay (Hamburglars) -46 Points (Bummer)
  • Marco Estrada (Bob Brenly...) -21 Points
  • Clayton Richard (Angels in the TroutField) -20 Points


Closest Matchup: PatandRons over Cubbie Blues (5.34 points)
Biggest Blowout: League Leaders over Hot 4 Rizzo (119 points)
Strongest Loss: Hamburglers (420.5 points, lossed to MG by 11.5 points)
Weakest Win: Stinky Pete (297.17 points, beating Sandberg! and his 274)


Most Glorious Owners After 5 weeks:

1. MG - 4-1 (2118.15 Points)

2. Spencer 4-1 (2101.67 Points)

3. Slumpbusters 4-1 (2071.98 Points) (That's me!)

4. Katie - 4-1 (2036.16 Points)

5. caleb - 4-1 (1948.5 Points) 


Owner who should be on the hot seat After 5 weeks:

1. Fear Boners 0-5 (1555.82 Points) (Hope the previous owner is coaching 1st base in the Mexican League by now.)

2. A bunch of other 1-4 teams.


Longest Winning Streak:

From the Mitten - 3 straight wins


Longest Losing Streak:

No Reason to single him out again.


Best Week 6 Matchups:

Cubbie Blues (3-2) vs. Tainted Glove (4-1)

105 and Counting (4-1) vs. Soler Power (3-2)


Worst Week 6 Matchup:

Katie's Wrench In Ya Taint (4-1) vs. We Score This Like Golf, Right? (1-4)


The Marlins vs Astros Matchup for week 6:

Angels in the TroutField (1-4) vs. Sandberg! Right Ahead! (1-4)


Best Multiple Start pitchers for week 6:

Clay Buchholz (Waving Wendells)

James Shields (23ryan)

Matt Harvey (23ryan)


Other Shit:

MG is 4-1 despite giving up the 5th most points in the league.

SirCub and Hansman are 1-4 despite giving up the 4th/5th fewest points in the league.

Every Owner has signed in within the last 2 days. That is Awesome! Keep it up!!!



Pretty Sure all that was accurate.

Need a replacement owner for a keeper league

03 March 2013 - 09:56 PM

Great league made up of Bleacher Nation regulars. 24 team league, 5 keepers. Was very active last year except for a couple of owners. League is over at fleaflicker.com

Tommy is working on an awesome new scoring system. Draft will probably be on Sunday the 24th.

I'm not sure which roster hasn't been replaced yet, but I can get a list of players on here when I find out.

The new owner doesn't need to be experienced, just active in the league. Weekly roster settings, so all we ask is that you log in once a week to set your lineup. It's a very laid back and friendly group of people.

Reply in this thread if interested.

Bleacher Nation is not affiliated in any way with Major League Baseball or the Chicago National League Ballclub (that's the Cubs).