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#57878 Cubs Non-Calendar - 1/22 - TANAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Posted by Cerambam on 24 January 2014 - 09:52 AM

Campys so fast he doesn't even wear pants, it slows him down.

#57189 The Impending Registration Requirement

Posted by Cerambam on 15 December 2013 - 03:16 PM

As a representative of the dickheads, I like the registration idea. I mostly only read comments from people I am familiar with/respect/etc...

As a former newbie - as we all were at one point - it may make people less inclined to comment. I know I lurked in the shadows for a while before commenting, but finally did because it was so easy.

However, due to the growing amount of visitors and increased comment volume, I think this is definitely a net positive. If what you have to say is worth saying, you'll register. Also, it shouldn't affect your readership numbers, because you can easily still read and just not comment.


Wait that's not me.

#56834 Muskrat says Arodys is at 98mph w/command now

Posted by Cerambam on 09 December 2013 - 03:58 AM

I have no idea what happened here.  
But I am entertained.

A bunch of dicks showed up and ruined everything like they always do (just like a front office I know of).

#55702 Under the Radar FA's the Cubs might consider

Posted by Cerambam on 05 November 2013 - 01:31 AM

Brian Roberts..... Oh no!!! Not again!

#52966 WTF Jesse Rogers

Posted by Cerambam on 14 August 2013 - 02:38 PM

So in about a weeks time Rogers has predicted Baez would start next year at AAA Iowa and would be up by the end of the year and (as of today) stated that Bryant should open next year as the starting third basemen for the Chicago Cubs.  Now it would be awesome to have an infield of Rizzo, Baez (at 2B?), Castro and Bryant and if/when these guys reach their potential you could have your 2-5 hitters.  If its next year I would be thrilled but this seems unlikely and could really hurt player development if either flops.

Better yet, how about Olt at 3rd and Bryant Soler and Almora in the Outfield! With vogs as the dh! All by april 1st of next year!


edit: the sarcasm is pointed towards rogers

#51614 Trade possibles and their WAR and $$ implications

Posted by Cerambam on 27 July 2013 - 11:45 AM

Yes, because WAR is the only stat looked at when a trade happens.

Dude, it's obviously not the only stat, but this is still a nice look into the value of individual players and their potential returns. Try to add value with your comment next time, instead of just disregarding everything laid out above.

#50430 Captain Hindsight makes me sad

Posted by Cerambam on 16 July 2013 - 04:47 PM

For just money huh?  Did your 100 million dollar check not get to the Ricketts family in time to sign all of those players?


Getting quality players "for just money" is a common and useful expression that is meant to represent the fact that we would not have to give up any quality major leaguers or prospects. This is especially relevant considering we supposedly have a potentially large payroll due to our market size.

#49901 Juan Carlos Panigua

Posted by Cerambam on 11 July 2013 - 08:28 AM

That's great to hear. To me, the success of the prospects just beyond the top 4 can really determine the future of the cubs.


Be it in trade or playing for the cubs, Panigua, Alcantara, Volg, Johnson, Szcurzezeze, Lake and Vizcaino can have a huge impact putting the cubs over the top in one way or another. 


Man, listing those 7 guys, while excluding the big four and (former top prospects) Bjax and Vitters, really makes me feel good about our farm. 

#48143 Reasons why the message board is better than the front page

Posted by Cerambam on 16 June 2013 - 08:34 AM

Brett, the language on this thread has been unreasonable. Please delete the curse words. For godsake think of te children Hansman and MG will corrupt if they see this.



#35333 Cubs top 50 prospects

Posted by Cerambam on 28 January 2013 - 12:17 AM

The top 7 seem to be very defined. I've seen a lot of lists that vary, but the top 7 here seem to be pretty set. I would probably move vitters up a bit, but as everyone around these parts knows, once we get past the top of the list the remaining 8,9-15 are very debatable.

#18425 Dodgers v. Cubs - May 6, 2012 (TV: WGN)

Posted by Cerambam on 06 May 2012 - 04:25 PM

i think my ideal lineup would be

this way we have good obp up top and solid production all the way through, also has a nice left/right balance and the best part is there arent many cubs in this lineup

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