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In Topic: Reds v. Cubs - April 20, 2014 (TV: WCIU)

Today, 10:43 AM


In Topic: Reds v. Cubs - April 19, 2014 (TV: CSN)

Yesterday, 03:19 PM

I refuse to call him Beef, but FUCK YEAH!

In Topic: Reds v. Cubs - April 19, 2014 (TV: CSN)

Yesterday, 03:08 PM

I'm popping in just to say FUCK YEAH!


Now, back to my gardening and Pat & Ron on the radio.

In Topic: I *still* loathe off-days.

15 April 2014 - 09:56 AM

So with today's rainout, that's three -- THREE! -- fucking off days this fucking week.


It's like a mini fucking All-Star Break.



In Topic: Comments on the main page

11 April 2014 - 05:28 PM

Would you guys recommend that those of us who disagree not post here any longer?  Totally honest, its your board/site, not mine, but I really don't feel like those with a different opinion are treated with much respect.  I want to be mature and polite, but being smacked down makes it hard to bite my tongue.


Tough shit.


What you don't seem to get is that if you have an opinion that flies in the face of (voluminous) data, and your only retort to that data is "well, that's the way I feel!", then no, no one is going to give your opinion any respect.  Why should they?  Just because you have an opinion doesn't make it a valid one.


All the data in the world indicates that the sun is going to rise in the east tomorrow.  I would expect that my opinion that the sun may rise in the north tomorrow would be mocked.  Resoundingly.


This is not one person's "feelings" on bunting versus your "feelings" on bunting.  It's an argument that's rooted in statistics on one side and "feelings" and/or "tradition" on the other.  You want to engage in the discussion, then you gotta come to the table (as several other people did!) with actual, numerical, arguments.  They didn't get mocked -- and none of them were whining about how unfairly they were treated.


You may *like* to see sac bunts.  Great.  That's your opinion.  You may think that bunting with your 3/4/5 hitters coming up is a good idea.  Great.  But you're wrong.  And there's a lot of data to support that.

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