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Cubs rebuild, next year's draft.

21 December 2011 - 10:34 PM

With a rebuild incoming (FINALLY) with smart people in charge. It had me thinking of next year's draft. Brett, do you know what early "picks" the Cubs will be getting next year? I think it would make a good article. What's our highest pick? I know we had a bad record last year but we probably (if I had to guess) get pick #4 or #5. Then add the 2 early round picks for Ramirez and Pena. Combined with the fact we have much smarter scouts. I think this next draft is one every Cubs fan should look forward to.

Could you do some research and find out how high the Cubs first 4 picks are? I think those are going to be very important. Combined with who we might get for Garza, could net us some really good talent to help turn this ship around real fast.

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