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Cub Fan Dan

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2014 Season bleacher tickets for sale

21 February 2014 - 09:11 AM

Hi BNers
Im a 4th year Season Ticket holder & have a number of 'em for sale.  They are for a pair of VIP bleacher tickets.  The VIP allows you to use that special entrance that says "VIP Entrance" along Sheffield Ave.  You can use it to get in before the other gates or avoid the line at centerfield when your rushing to get into the park after having that last drink at the bar.  You also look cool entering the "VIP" with the chicks. ;)   
Yes... I know! You can get em for dirt cheap on Stubhub. Well I tried to match the current stubhub bleacher pricing & if you find something cheaper, Ill try n beat it.
But that's not all! Act now and receive a Zone 383 residential parking pass, the same exact pass you use to park on the side streets around Wrigley. 
Ill mail the tickets free or if you are in the city or some suburbs (I work west burbs), I can meet for exchange.  Come pick em up at my place and get a free beer (Im in Lakeview). I accept Paypal or Chase QP & cash if we meet up.
Send me an email at danielgprice@gmail.com if you are interested in any games.  
Cub Fan Dan
www.chicagocubsbleachertickets.com (<< my ticket site. Use the pricing below but check the site to see what is still available)
Feel free to forward the site on, of course.
MON, APR 21 - 7:05       D-BACKS       $25
TUE, JUN 24 - 7:05       REDS          $72
WED, JUN 25 - 6:05       REDS          $72
THU, JUN 26 - 7:05       NATIONALS     $72
FRI, JUL 11 - 3:05       BRAVES        $110
SAT, JUL 12 - 3:05       BRAVES        $150
TUE, JUL 22 - 7:05       PADRES        $80
WED, JUL 23 - 7:05       PADRES        $80
MON, JUL 28 - 7:05       ROCKIES       $80
WED, JUL 30 - 7:05       ROCKIES       $80
FRI, AUG  8 - 3:05       TB RAYS       $105
SAT, AUG 23 - 3:05       ORIOLES       $105
MON, SEP  1 - 1:20       BREWERS       $48
SAT, SEP  6 - 3:05       PIRATES       $80
SUN, SEP  7 - 1:20       PIRATES       $50
TUE, SEP 16 - 7:05       REDS          $30
FRI, SEP 19 - 1:20       DODGERS       $60

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