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Beer Baron

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#32764 40-Man Roster Descisions Coming Soon

Posted by Beer Baron on 16 October 2012 - 11:40 AM

I was looking at the Cubs’ 40 man roster, and after I finished throwing up in my mouth, I noticed that they currently have 45 men on there (includes 5 guys on the DL). I see this as a bit of an issue because they are going to need room shortly to sign free agents, protect any minor leaguers from the Rule 5, perhaps sign a Rule 5 guy from another team (we should have then 2nd pick), and so on.

The problem I’m seeing is there seems to be a ridiculous number of minor league guys on the 40 – some who have no reasonable chance to play in the majors next year (Soler, Concepcion, Szczur, Lake) and many more who aren’t quite ready but also decent enough prospects that you don’t want to just cut them and run the risk of losing them (Vitters, Rusin, Coleman, Vizcaino, Raley, Chapman, Brigham, Campana, Parker, Mateo). And this doesn’t count the handful who are Rule 5 eligible and may need to be added (guys like Whitenack, Struck, McNutt, and now Carreno I believe are eligible to be selected).

So it seems to me they need to let go of at least 10 - preferably more. And yes there will almost certainly be some trades to unload current roster members (Soriano, Marmol, Garza, etc) but for most I suspect they want a guy who is nearly major league ready, so you'd be getting back a 40-man guy too (for Marshall we got 2) So who do we let go?

Here are my suggestions, in order:
  • Shawn Camp – free agent coming off a nice year, will get other offers
  • Justin Germano – minor league deal at best
  • Jason Berken - minor league deal at best
  • Miguel Socolovich – minor league deal at best
  • Brian LaHair – like to trade him, but not worth keeping
  • Manny Corpas – arbitration eligible, really not worth keeping
  • Tony Campana – I personally don’t think he’ll ever be any more than a gimic. Love to trade him as part of a package if another team is interested. Also think if dfa’d, no one is going to claim him
  • Adrian Cardenas – I don’t think he got a fair shot, but still can’t say he’s really going to ever be more than a 25th guy – and we seem to have plenty of those.
  • Joe Mather – I wouldn’t mind him back as a very affordable bench guy, but we need the roster spot
  • Luis Valbuena – only reason to tender him an offer and keep him on the roster is the extreme lack of other options at 3rd. I’d rather roll the dice with Stewert

  • Chris Volstad – I was actually for keeping him before looking at this list . Now I think if you keep Volstad you have to cut a pitcher like Casey Coleman, Chris Rusin or Brooks Raley instead (and they're all paid league minimum and have options remaining)

  • Blake Parker - I suspect if they DFA’d him he’d clear waivers coming off an injury and they can return him to Iowa.

  • Marcus Mateo -- ditto

  • Michael Bowden - actually pitched pretty well in Sept -- might be worth keeping to fight for a bullpen spot

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