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Shoul I Stay or Should I Go?

07 December 2012 - 04:17 PM

Here's one for BN nation to chew on and I'm going to post this on the message board as well:

It's a week before the All Star break and surprisingly to everyone on this site but me, the Cubs are playing pretty well, not great but better than expected. They're 40-42 and 5 games back of the Cardinals, Reds AND Brewers who are bunched at the top of the division. The pitching has been better than expected Garza, Baker and Feldman are all pitching well. Marmol is pitching lights out in the bullpen and Soriano and DeJesus are off to good starts. Castro and Rizzo are lights out but Stewart who was playing well at 3b has blown out his knee and is out for at least 2 months, probably for the year. The Cubs have holes at 3B and the bullpen. Here's the question:

Are the Cubs sellers or buyers? Do Theo/Jedi go for help and try to get to the playoffs w/o giving up the farm or do they stick with the "Plan" and trade Marmol, Baker, Feldman, Garza, etc their "flippable assets".

Right Field

02 November 2012 - 10:11 AM

Assuming Soriano plays left and DeJesus plays center field, who in free agency is a good fit for the Cubs to go after and play right? Assuming they could sign an outfielder on a short comeback type of deal, similar to Maholm last year.

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