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Theo Epstein talking with WEEI in Boston about Red Sox/Cubs

09 February 2014 - 02:47 AM

I haven't posted much since last season, I only occasionally comment on articles, but I read BN every day. And this caught my attention because it echoes so much of what we all discuss around here. So it's a great listen, and I'm curious what Brett, Luke, and the forum regulars have to say about this interview with WEEI. 


Among other things, he mentioned wanting to trade for Junichi Tazawa once he was on the Cubs side of things. I wonder what that trade would look like?


How he talks about the evolution of baseball---specifically referencing the CBA changes---makes me wonder what he had in mind when he first came to Chicago. (Can you imagine what the "The FIrst Draft of the Plan" might have looked like?)


The inability to emphasize the draft, Tanaka, long-term to commitments to young players are some other topics. I hope you all enjoy it. I thought it was a good talking point for discussion around here.

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