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In Topic: 5 team trade...

04 January 2013 - 02:48 AM

It's... interesting. Really the only guy I hesitate to give up is Almora but I would give him up for Stanton. It's very compex though and teams would hesitate and feel as though they aren't getting enough.

I think a simpler version would be...

Seattle gets Shark

Cubs get Hultzen, Franklin and Maurer

Then Cubs give up Hultzen, Franklin, Baez, Vogelbach, Castillo and Vitters to Miami for Stanton and Fodder

In Topic: trade thoughts

23 October 2012 - 09:45 AM

How about Reddick? With Oakland's addition of Chris Young, there's been speculation that they could try to move him or Cespedes. I really can't imagine Cespedes being moved, but Reddick certainly could. In addition to Reddic, Cespedes, and Young, Oakland has Coco Crisp, Seth Smith, Michael Choice, and Micheal Taylor. Reddick is now quite expendable.

What would it take? A package including Darwin Barney? But what else?

I think Seth Smith is more likely and he's expendable though Josh Reddick is also intriguing even though he's a hippie.

In Topic: Baez played 3rd in fall league

17 October 2012 - 03:14 PM

I would think he would be a better fit at 3rd because Barney is at 2nd with a solid glove. And while Castro is still getting better at his defense, a strong glove at second would be nice. I'm not sure how good of a glovve Baez is but that's just my opinion.

Baez has a solid and developing glove right now. If he can stick at SS, moving him or Castro to 2b would be fantastic. His bat would play amazing at 2b. Kinda reminds me of Robinson Cano anyway. Id rather have a future up the middle infield of Castro and Baez, with another bat at 3b then an IF of Casto, Barney and Baez at 3rd. Baez brings more offensive production to 2b if he reaches his potential with good defensive instincts. Of course, this is all speculation so it's hard to know what will happen in the future.

In Topic: Fifteen Pitchers To Watch in 2013

07 October 2012 - 12:02 AM

While the Cubs don't have any OF's penciled in for Opening Day who are likely to be part of the long-range plan, they could add one (or two, if Soriano is traded) this winter. BJax will probably be back in mid-2013, Szczur and Ha in mid-2014, Soler in late 2014 or early 2015, then Almora sometime in 2015. There's also a chance Lake and/or Candelario might move to the outfield. It's hard to see a HS OF drafted in 2013 arriving before 2016, or a college guy arriving before 2015. So it would take an OF prospect who's clearly better than all of the college pitchers at the top of the current rankings to interest the Cubs.

Without knowing what the Astros will do or what will occur before draft day, I'd rate the probablilities as 80% college SP, 10% HS or college C, 5% HS pitcher, 5% other (OF, SS, 3B).

I do agree with you about the likelihood of us taking a college pitcher. Just making the argument that it wouldn't be surprising to see a position player taken. Personally, I want Manaea or Stanek right now, but I do see the value in going quantity of pitchers and buying established pitching through trades and FA. Personally, I tend to lean toward the idea that you develop position players and buy pitching but the with the way our current farm system is with pitching depth right now we need a system changing TORP to add to it.

In Topic: Fifteen Pitchers To Watch in 2013

06 October 2012 - 03:33 PM

Francescon was 23 last season, which is kind of old for Low A. He also pitched fairly well for Daytona. But a 5'11" RHP drafted in the 40th round has extremely long odds against him.

I'll be surprised, but not necessarily shocked, if the Cubs selected a hitter rather than a pitcher. There would need to be a strong consensus among the scouts and front office guys that the hitter was the "best prospect avaiable."

I'll also be surprised if the Cubs don't take at least one high-upside pitcher in the Rule 5 draft.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if the Cubs went with the strategy they did this year. Position player in the first, and then a quantity of pitchers for the rest of the rounds. The attrition rates of pitchers are much higher then position players so unless one of the 3 college pitchers establishes themselves in the eyes of the FO as a future ace then I could see them going best positional player.

I right now believe that the Cubs will look at one of the 3 college pitchers but guys like Frazier, Meadows and Wilson could all make a case to be worthy of the #2 pick.

Just something to think about even though it is very early.

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