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In Topic: The 45 Year Old(Cubs Convention) Virgin

21 January 2014 - 09:55 AM

This weekend was indeed my first Cubs Convention, and I must admit if I hadn't been "chosen"(I still had to pay a pretty penny for the booth) to be one of the vendors...I would still be sitting at zero for my CubsCon appearances.  Being a vendor, I was relegated to the exhibition hall for the entire weekend so I did not partake in anything other than selling myself and my book.  It was still a weird, wild and exhausting experience....with an emphasis on the weird.  Here are just a few tidbits some of you may find interesting:


-my booth was next to Pat's, as in Hughes, but he told me to call him "Pat"... so who am I to argue?  I plan on writing a seperate post about how amazed I was at the humility, class and grace he showed throughout the weekend.  He also chuckled within a minute of skimming through my book.(with my luck it was probably just something in Brett's Foreward)


-speaking of the fearless leader of this fine on-line community...I had numerous people come up to my booth looking for him, and numerous people thinking I was actually him...like it was some weird identity dodge similar to Keyser Soze.


-Famous to Semi-Famous people that I was able to get a copy to; Pat, Wayne Messmer...and with an assist from my brothers Tom Ricketts and Crane Kenney. (go ahead, call me a sell-out or a brown noser).  Yet the most intriguing one is the possibility that I may have gotten one via back channel to Steve Bartman.


- as Baez, Soler, Bryant, Edwards and Almora were guided past my booth by security...with hoards of autograph seekers and fans chasing them like they were the 1964 Beatles...I had to wonder what the actual Cubs thought of that?  Gotta be a bit tough on the ego I would have to think? I do no know that George Kattaras was relegated to the kids section.


-Google the phrase "Cubs' fans tatoos" and a fella will come up(who was there all weekend) who has the numbers 14,10, and 26 permanently tatooed on his head.  I would like to ask that guy (maybe he is a BNer)...That's great for the Cubs' Convention...but what to you do for the other 362 days of the year? 


-and finally(and if you are easily disgusted you may want to skip this one)...I have a bit of a Diet Pepsi addiction...and on one of my rare quick trips to the Men's room, I was the only person standing at the urinals. However, I realized I was not alone as a strange noise started to eminate from one of the stalls...it sounded part barnyard animal, part suffering human...with a bit of torture thrown in.  I had no idea, what was spewing in there...and from what orifice it was originating from. I honestly could not detect if it was a bowel movement, or a sick person retching. The toliet quickly flushed and out from the stall emerged...in full uniform...one Ronnie Woo-Woo. I quickly washed my hands and scurried back to my booth.


Ronnie continued to mingle with the crowd, shake hands, and get his picture taken with admirers. 


I was a CubsCon virgin no more.





How do I buy a copy and what is the title ?

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