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Hector Villanueva

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#28336 Trade Idea; Marmol

Posted by Hector Villanueva on 04 July 2012 - 08:00 PM

Another 2 weeks of Marmol pitching like this and you might get a top 100 prospect for him.

#23666 If Matt Szczur Progresses, What Happens to Brett Jackson?

Posted by Hector Villanueva on 01 June 2012 - 11:54 AM

I don't think Szczur is going to progress as much as everybody thinks. He is struggling to hit in high A ball,

He is?

He got off to a slow start (which, I might add, is not a crime for any player at any level of the farm system), but he's hardly been struggling since then. He hit .293/.368/.374 in May in a league where the averages are .254/.323/.371. Both his walk rate (11.9%) and his K rate (14.6%) are very respectable for his league and position.

Baseball America ranked this guy in the Top 70 of prospects in all of baseball for a reason. It is much too early to be writing him off as a bust just yet. Like all prospects, he should be available for a fair price in trade, but I don't think trading him should be any sort of a priority.

Yup, BA had him that high. At least two others barely had him in the Cubs top 10 though. And remember, he's OLD for that league. Meaning...he's physically way more mature than most guys in that league, regardless of the "he played football" card. Oh, and he's slugging .374 in his good month? Yeesh.

I would be surprised if either Jackson or Sczuzr become everyday OF for any MLB team.

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