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Brett Jackson should start the season in the Majors

18 November 2012 - 05:03 PM

I was looking at Brett Jackson's line this in the bigs this year. After throwing up in my mouth a little bit, I looked a little more closely...


Looking at it's face, it's pretty terrible. Batting average well under the Mendoza line. An OPS of .645. An anemic SLG.

However, I'm trying to see the positives. An OBP of .303 isn't good, but it's not terrible. If he qualified for the batting title, he'd be 19th. That's only out of 22, but being in the bottom third of full-time centerfielders would still have value. His SLG is bad, but the IsoP is .167, perfectly serviceable.

His only real problem is pitch recognition and contact. I can understand from a confidence standpoint why you'd want to put him in AAA... but he doesn't need to learn those skills against AAA pitchers, but MLB ones.

We can afford his struggles at the major league level, and he's blocked by no one. I think he's strong enough to take his lumps, and he wasn't entirely without merit anyway, in spite of his absolutely terrible line.

Just a thought...

Feel free to tell me why I'm crazy.

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