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#19359 Ideal trade partner for Garza

Posted by Dumpgobbler on 10 May 2012 - 08:18 PM

Aight.. This will be a long one but stick woth me.

You can delete teams that are rebuilding or out of contention.

AL - Chicago, Minnesota, Seattle and Oakland can all be ruled out, presumably.
NL - New York, Pittsburgh, Houston, Colorado and San Diego

You can also delete these teams for rivalry / pitching heavy reasons.

AL- Tampa Bay , Cleveland (Terrible farm system)
NL- Milwaukee, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Atlanta, San Francisco,

So that leaves us with these teams as potential trade partners.

AL - Toronto, Boston, New York, Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles, Texas
NL - Washington, Cincinnati, Los Angeles and Arizona

Now lets take a look at each destination

Toronto - Probably my top choice for a trading partner for Garza. They could even pursue Garza / LaHair or Dempster / LaHair or just Dempster or LaHair. But for the sake of the thread lets just do Garza. Let me state however, that I dont believe Toronto will be an actual player for Garza. Alex Anthroplous (sp) is extremely frugal with prospects. But maybe that changes if he thinks he can sniff a AL east crown / wildcard. Toronto probably has the best farm system in the majors right now, and all they young pitchers they have are throwing awesome for the most part. Getting top arms back is essential, and the jays have them. The jays are unique in that they probably have a number of combinations of prospects that would satisfy the Cubs.

I'd ask for one of any of these guys - Drabek, Hutchison, or McGuire
One of this group - Syndergaard, Nicolini or Norris
One of this group - Gose, Marisnick or D'Arnauld

So a package like this is what I'd want - Garza for McGuire, Syndergaard and Marisnick. Or Garza for Drabek, Nicolini and D'Arnauld. You get the point.

Summery: This would be a pitching heavy deal that would help us tremedously. Also we'd get a solid position prospect as well. As I've said before, this would be our best trade partner IMHO.

Boston - Depending on how Boston fares later on this may or may not be plausable. Boston has a lot of depth but doesnt quite have the quality if other top farm systems. We could still make out fine with Boston if we could get the right prospects.

I'd do this deal: Garza for Matt Barnes, Garin Cecchini, Byrce Brentz and Anthony Ranaudo.

Summer: Quanity or quality on this package. I like Barnes a good bit. He will be a good ML pitcher. The other 3 are good prospects as well. Overall a decent package.

New York - If you like that Incarcerated Bob fellow, you may already think Garza to the Yanks is almost done. I'll reserve judgement. I hate the Yankees in terms of potential suitor for Garza. Yankees prospects, IMHO, are vastly overrated. But I'll put together a package of prospects I'd ask for from them just the same.

This deal. Garza and Camp for Gary Sanchez, Manny Banuelos, Mason Williams and Brett Marshall

Summery: Decent package but will probably be my least favorite of them all. Banuelos still could be an effective starter, and a lefty to boot. Sanchez and Williams have a lot of upside as younger guys, and Marshall would be a solid throw in.

Baltimore - I really doubt Baltimore woudl throw its hat into the Garza frenzy but stranger things have happened. I say that because i really doubt how good they are. But nonetheless heres what I'd ask for.

Garza, Marmol + cash for Manny Machado, Robert Bundy and Parker Bridgwell.

Summer: Doubt this happens, but O's would have to involve Machado to get this done IMHO. Highly unlikely but Machado is awesome, and Bundy projects as a 3/4 starter, and Bridgwell could turn into something.

Detroit - Another likely spot for Garza. A lot of speculation that Garza was on his way there in the offseason. Well he didnt, and with Garza's improved performance his value has gotten even higher. SO enhanced package I ask for :)

Garza and Barney for Jacob Turner, Nick Castenellos, Andrew Oliver and Kyle Ryan

Summery: Lots of pitching here. Turner has lost a bit of shine but is still a great prospect. Castenellos looks to be a stud 3B. Oliver has upside and Ryan is a lefty that could turn into something as well. We also get rid of Barney so we can get Cardenas in there. Might look like a heavy package if your a Detroit fan, but thats what you get for not taking a lighter package when you could.

Los Angeles Pujolses - Probably not a great fit, btu who knows. Were rumored to be interested a while back IIRC. I'll put something together that doesn;t involve trout unfortunately.

Garza for Garrett Richards, Jean Segura, Kaleb Cowart and Nick Maronde.

Summery: Nevermind, I dislike this package more then the Yanks.

Texas - Another interesting fit here. Profar is probably untouchable so I'll leave him out of it.

Garza for Martin Perez, Mike Olt, and Cody Buckel.

Summery: Awesome package that we'd be lucky to get. Martin Perez is a nasty Lefty thats pitching at AAA at the same age as Rizzo. Olt is destroying AA, and Buckel is very interesting. Realistic package also. Olt is blocked, And Martin is replaced by.. well... Garza! Lets make it work here.

Washington - Not ideal due to how things match up. Rendon is probably untouchable, and after him its gets a little bit thin, after the Gio trade that is. This is what I'd ask for.

Garza for Anthony Rendon, Matt Purke and Robbie Ray.

Summery: Unlikely to happen but we'd need something like this to make it work. Considering both players would have to be PTBNL. lol. I will say this though. They gave up a kings ransom for Gio, and Garza is better then Gio.

Cincinatti - Traded with them once.. Would hate to trade Garza in division but hey.. if they offer it good right? Also unlikely but the reds may get real desperate.

Garza for Daniel Corcino, Robert Stephenson, and Tony Cingrani.

Summery: I actually really like this package. Daniel Corcino and Robert Stephenson would immediately be our number 1 and 2 pitching prospects. Tony Cingrani is very interesting too.

LA Dodgers - They actually match up well as they have some pitching at the top.

Garza for Zach Lee, Chris Reed and Alfredo Silverio.

Summery: We get a couple solid arms at the top. Alfredo Silverio is an interesting late blooming player as well who could suffle into the mix. Probably wouldn't happen but who knows?

Arizona - Love to make a deal with Arizona. They have ammo too. The have 3 potential ace starters in Bauer, Skaggs and Bradley. They would probably opt for a bat before an arm, but they could look to upgrade the front of the rotation.

Garza and Vitters for Tyler Skaggs, Andrew Chafin, and Matt Davidson

Summery: Tyler Skaggs would be absolutely what this franchise needs. Chafin, also a lefty, would be a good piece as well. Davidson is killing the ball. Again, doubtful, due to the fact that Arizona would probably opt to go for a young impact bat if they dealt Skaggs, but you never know with injuries and all.

These are just ideas I came up. They don't actually mean too much, but I'd assume they would be at least a semi-decent guideline to what we might expect other teams to give us. I could very well be way off though.

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