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Crazy Idea

06 August 2013 - 01:53 PM

The Cubs future looks uncertain at third base, but there may be a really cheap way to resolve this, especially in a buy low scenario. 


Wait for it....


Alex Rodriguez


Hear me out. Trade for him this offseason, with the Yankees picking up the contract and receiving a C prospect. I'm sure the Yankees would be ecstatic to get rid of him. It is a low-risk, high-reward move. If A-Rod could return to anything close to what he was a couple of seasons ago after his suspension (which could possibly get reduced after appeal), he could be a Top-10 3rd baseman. If not, it's just a small gamble that didn't pay off. We are talking about one of the 20 best power hitters ever here. I know that it wouldn't be popular, but it could work.


I'm not saying this should happen (he's old and juiced up and fragile), or even could, but it's something interesting to think about while Ace is on vacay.

Travis Wood for Home Run Derby

07 June 2013 - 09:41 AM

Hi BNers-


I have been a little disappointed by the lack of Cub names on all-star ballots so far this season. Cub fans are plenty, and that makes the lack of success in what is essentially a popularity contest even more disappointing. However, there is another opportunity for us to flex our collective muscle. Write is Travis Wood for home run derby. Voting appears to be unlimited, so go crazy. I've voted about 70 times this morning and plan on voting a lot more when I get home tonight. Let's go Cub fans, let's see how strong this fanbase is.

Zeke DeVoss

02 May 2013 - 07:09 PM

I've been wondering about him for a while now. Why do we never really look at him as the second baseman of the future. He seems to me like a super speedy dude that plays Darwin Barney-like defense and walks more than Barry Bonds would against Carlos Marmol. Even with a hit tool that is questionable, he still has above average speed, fielding, and arm, and has superb discipline, something nearly unheard of from lower-level prospects.


I guess my question is why Cubs fans and minor league gurus simply overlook him? Is is because I'm really overrating him as a player or because of something like age, etc.?

2013 Draft

24 February 2013 - 11:34 AM

It certainly seems like college pitchers are all the rage right now, but there are definitely some position players worth monitoring over the spring.
These two are the ones to really watch: Georgia HS outfielders Austin Meadows and Clint Frazier.

Meadows is 6'3'', ran a 6.31, has a great arm, and good bat speed.

Frazier is 6'1'', ran a 6.40, has an even better arm (PG clocked him at 98, yes 98, from the OF), and possibly even better bat speed.

Meadows is considered to be a slightly better prospect than Frazier, on account of his better size, speed, and slightly better power, but Frazier could end up being the better hitter. Also keep in mind that Mike Trout's best 60 time in high school was a 6.38, so both of these guys could be plus-plus defenders purely on account of their speed.

Each had 2 hits in the UA All-America game last year.

Either Theo or Jed also said that they consider taking position players high in the first round less of a risk and that position players are more likely to reach their ceiling. They also said they would take a can't miss position player over a pitcher in the first round this year, and it seems to me like either one of these guys could be a "can't miss," depending on how they perform this season.

Another, more dark-horsy guy to watch is Washington HS C Reese McGuire.

McGuire has the complete package for a catcher, including decent speed. McGuire has a great arm, and could be an above average all-around defender at the next level. Better yet, some think he has room to grow into even more power. Oh, and he hits lefty.

Last guy I like at this point is another HS C, Chris Okey. Okey is supposedly a better defender than McGuire, has good bat speed, with the ability to hit for average, even if the power is a little lacking. Okey is more of a second round guy, but I would love to see the Cubs end up with him.

The depth of this class is the HS catchers, and drafting where the depth is a commonly used strategy. Combine this with the, IMO, pretty glaring hole the Cubs' system has at catcher, and I think taking a catcher within the first few rounds would be ideal.

Even though there is good college pitching at the top, I'm just saying, don't write off the possibility of the Cubs taking a position player, especially if any of the top ones really impress this spring.

Rule 5 Draft

04 December 2012 - 09:18 PM

Hey y'all. Just some thoughts on the upcoming Rule 5 Draft:

Here are a couple of guys I think the Cubs could seriously consider.

Josh Fields, RHP, Red Sox Organization

Fields played the majority of the season for AA Portland, pitching in relief to the tune of 2.62 ERA, 1.03 WHIP, and .185 BAA. His most impressive stat, however, is his strikeout rate. In AA, he whiffed batters at a rate of 11.88 K/9. I believe that the most important characteristic of a successful pitching staff is a lot of strikeouts, and Fields certainly would bring that to the Cubs. For any critics of power pitchers out there, Fields also commands the strikezone incredibly well, surrendering just 16 walks in 44.2 innings. When he made the jump to AAA, Fields' stats only improved, and he didn't allow a single earned run in 13.2 innings. Also, Fields allowed just 4 home runs the entire season. This mix of power and control could be a great asset to the Cubs. Fields throws a fastball that sits at 92-93 and a slow curveball (76-81) that has great depth, and could be plus. The only major problem I see with Fields, a former first-rounder, is his age. At 27, he may not fit perfectly into the Cubs plans.

Ryan Chaffee, RHP, LA Angels Organization

Chaffee pitched in the High-A California League and the AA Texas League in 2012. Chaffee is a very similar pitcher to Fields. He is an entire level below Fields, but is only 24. Chaffee also boasts a very high strikeout rate of 11.52 K/9, but has more issues than Fields. One of those is his walk total (36 in 65.2), but even that isn't horrendous. Chaffee had a 2.60, a 1.17 WHIP and a .183 BAA. Chaffee is also adept at keeping the ball in the park, giving up only 5 home runs on the season. Chaffee has had minor health problems, but throws consistently in the 92-94 range, with what Jonathon Mayo calls a "decent" breaking ball.

Other names to know:

Jose Aguilar, 22, 1B, Indians (A+/AA)-Good power hitter with a penchant for drawing walks. Unfortunately, he is exclusively a first baseman, and therefore will probably not work out with the Cubs.

Miguel Celestino, 23, RHP, Red Sox (A+)-Has the stuff and makeup to be a starter, but this makes him harder to bury in the bullpen. If the Cubs could find a way to get him enough low-pressure innings, this could be a good pickup, but he has yet to pitch in AA.

Tim Crabbe, 24, RHP, Reds (AA/A+)-Struggled in AA and was sent down to work out some finer points. Also a starter, Crabbe can touch 95, and is very aggressive going after hitters. Also a tougher guy to bury, but good potential and is only 24.

Jefry Marte, 21, 3B, Mets (AA)-Improved approach over the last season. Good walk rate and devastates left-handed pitching. There are questions about his defense, but I understand that his actual fielding has improved and have found nothing on range or arm. Good power potential.

Jarret Martin, 23, LHP, Dodgers (A/A+)-Less developed, hard throwing (97) lefty that could contribute a big league pen in the future, but still needs development time.

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