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Patrick G

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unrealistic trade scenario but why not

13 March 2014 - 04:22 PM

With shark likely to be traded, the amount of teams that could be interested in him are slowly dying down, even though it is just spring training. A team that has been somewhat involved in rumors:the pirates. The NL central seems to be weaker this year and without much to brag about over the past 20 years, Pittsburgh could make a nice run with a TOR pitcher. 


Now, the Cubs lack pitching and left handed hitting prospects and the Pirates have 2 of those. I'm thinking of a trade of:


Pirates Get: Shark and Soler


Cubs Get:Taillon, Polanco and 1 of Glasnow, Kingham or Heredia. 


This would give the Pirates a TOR arm to go with a young Cole and Liriano, along with a nice top prospect in Soler that is a year or 2 away.


The Cubs would get a nice TOR prospect along with a nice lefty bat in the outfield that is comparable, but a little better and more polished than Soler, along with another good pitching prospect. 


Of course i'm just thinking off the top of my head with fun trade ideas, and even if it was proposed its not often divisional trades happen, but would this be a fair trade?

New manager

21 October 2013 - 03:18 PM

I keep reading about Don Mattinglys option still not picked up for next year and hear his future is still uncertain with the Dodgers. If they let him go, would the Cubs hold off until they hear something about this? Or are the Cubs more focused right now instead of a "what if" scenario. I've always loved him as a player and he's done pretty well as a manager. I feel he could connect with the younger players and help mold their potential. Would love to see him in cubbie blue

Offseason moves

03 October 2013 - 04:19 PM

I know its early to start thinking of free agent moves, but some players that caught my eye on the free agent market that won't cost much, but will help turn the Cubs into a respectable team.


2B Omar Infante-Not as good of a glove as Barney, but still above average with a much better bat


C Jarrod Saltalamacchia-Would be a good platoon with Castillo or a solid starter if the Cubs decide to move Castillo


OF-Corey Hart-Can provide good pop to the order and will come somewhat cheap because of prior injury concerns


OF-Rajai Davis/Nate McLouth-Either of these guys would be a nice addition to the top of the order with pretty good speed. 


SP-Not many good options besides Garza which is probably unlikely. If Colorado doesn't extend Jorge De La Rosa's option, he could be a nice lefty addition.


Maybe add a bullpen piece or two, but the bullpen has been surprisingly better with Strop and getting rid of Marmol. 

Resolution for big contracts

23 July 2013 - 03:36 PM

So in the midst of players demanding large contracts, both in years and money, alot have become busts or not produced what they did before the contract. Josh Hamilton, Albert Pujols and Bj Upton come to mind and I'm sure Cano will receive top dollar.

Would the MLBPA approve of deals with a base salary with more money, years etc as incentives. Example would be Cano gets 10 mil a year but if he hits20-29 homers he gets an extra mil and 30+ an extra 2 mil or say 100 RBI an extra mil and 120+ an extra 2 mil. I just see alot of players in their contract years play very well to get a nice pay day but once they receive the large contract, their production seems to slip. I just see this idea allowing teams to not pay out the arse and a reason for players to have an incentive to produce at their highest level. Not saying all players don't play at a high level it seems they just don't care as much after a large contract.

Phil Hughes will demand a good amount but he's nothing great. Same with EJax, is he really worth what he's making right now? It will also help teams with possible PED suspensions like Arod and Braun so it saves teams some money

Free Agent Market

13 July 2013 - 03:27 PM

So, I am looking at our future bats(Almora, Soler, Baez, Bryant) and it seems like we have a lot of right handed batters, along with Castro and Wellington Castillo. The only "core" player we really have that is a left handed bat is Rizzo. 


Obviously some of the prospects may not work out, but thats 6 right handed bats in 8 spots. Maybe you can count Alcantra(Switch hitter)/Watkins at 2nd, with Baez at 3rd and Bryant in LF. 


If he doesn't demand a lot of money, how would Brian McCann fit in with the Cubs? He will only be 30 years old at the start of next season and could add some thump to the lineup. Keep Castillo as a very nice backup and work him in a few days, keeping McCann fresh since he has had some injuries in the past. Get him signed to a 4 year deal or so, he could contribute to the team when we should be ready to compete, as well as a good catcher for young pitchers.

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