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Pat G

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#39903 Carlos Marmol

Posted by Pat G on 06 April 2013 - 01:09 PM

So, I was watching Marmol this past week, and woof he's rough to watch. But I don't see why people on the Cubs haven't tried fixing his mechanics. Watch these two videos of him in slow motion:

I used to pitch in college and was wild for a while until my pitching coach noticed I was falling off a lot to the first base side. His leg stride seems to stop short, not extending it to its fullest, short arming it somewhat of how a catcher would. he does not get on top of the ball, basically just whipping the ball as hard as he can. Now I'm sure we can all see this just from watching game footage, but am surprised going into his final year and possibly trying to get the most out of him at the trade deadline, they did not try re-adjusting his mechanics and risky to try and change them during the season. But the way he's throwing the ball, I don't think it could hurt that much.

#35177 Top 5 Matt Garza return packages.

Posted by Pat G on 20 January 2013 - 02:00 PM

I don't see the Padres or Rockies being strongly interested in Garza. I like the idea of Matt Barnes from Boston and Olt and Perez from Texas.

Also, seeing the Mets just sign Wright to a long-term deal, I wonder how much it would be to get Wilmer Flores. I know the Mets desperately need outfield help and wonder if DeJesus/Soriano could possibly bring him here. Then possibly flip Garza focusing mainly on pitching.

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