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#25835 Cubs v. White Sox - June 18, 2012 (TV: WCIU)

Posted by hardtop on 18 June 2012 - 08:10 PM

God it sucks that the only broadcast that I get is frickin Hawk Harellson!!!

Its the worst. Can't decide what I hate more, the godforsaken homer call, the "he gone"when horseshit, or all the "us" and "we" being thrown around. Its absolutely one of the most painful experiences in all of sport.

so bad i refise to watch. cant risk elevating his ratings. mlb app, bleacher nation, and a bottle of booze... thats all i need.

#24546 Cubs v. Brewers - June 7, 2012 (TV: CSN)

Posted by hardtop on 07 June 2012 - 02:08 PM

Is it bad that I wish Corey Hart was a Cub?

yes, anyone who dyes their eyebrows is a douchebag

#23534 Padres v. Cubs - May 30, 2012 (TV: CSN)

Posted by hardtop on 30 May 2012 - 03:55 PM

holy shit. i guess hitting the weights this winter really helped dar bar. i hop ethey dont piss test him.

#23466 Padres v. Cubs - May 30, 2012 (TV: CSN)

Posted by hardtop on 30 May 2012 - 01:10 PM

pat hughes is my homie.
i just love the way he calls the game.
one of the best in sports, hands down.

#21778 White Sox v. Cubs - May 18, 2012 (TV: WGN)

Posted by hardtop on 18 May 2012 - 03:09 PM

Umps are a great example of why unions suck. Can't fire or impose stiff penalties for being shitty at your job. My god what a horrible call.

it sounds like you do not watch the news or are aware of the Brett Lawrie situation?

What's that got to do with my comment?

unions don't suck and an umpire was punished this week

Umpires being punished and unions sucking are not part of the same conversation. And unions most certainly do suck.

you guys obviously arent fucked by your employer at every possible opportunity. you know why? unions. im not saying unions are perfect but they dont suck any more than the corporations that made them a necessity.

#20674 Cubs v. Cardinals - May 15, 2012 (TV: CSN)

Posted by hardtop on 15 May 2012 - 12:14 PM

Posted Image

i hate this thug fuck... its cruel how so much talent coul dbe wasted on a total piece of shit.

#921 Justin Verlander's Insane Season

Posted by hardtop on 09 September 2011 - 12:38 AM

It is very clear: play the game once every 5 games and you don't touch a bat: cannot be considered for MVP.

#842 LaHair vs. Bryd??

Posted by hardtop on 07 September 2011 - 07:37 AM

thats funny, and sadly a real consideration. more importantly, pena, whom i like, went o for 5 with 3 strikeouts. lahair 1 for 1 with a homer and the cubs only 2 runs. we know what carlos can do. Bryan for 1b for rest of the season... get it done!

#416 Explain Your Avatar

Posted by hardtop on 02 September 2011 - 01:02 PM

well, you obvioulsy know what mines about... and if you dont, you are probably in the wrong place ;)
My mother loved Ron Santo. It was funny to see her face light up when she talked about Ronnie, the captain, and that summer of 69. She acted as if they were friends, though I knew they had never met. I remember so many stories that started with his name; it was like he was part of the family. My Moms love for number 10 and the Cubs paved the way to my addiction to all things Chicago Cubs. It's a tough life, that of a Cubs fan, but I'll never give up on my Cubbies. My Mom never did, and neither did Ronnie.
Ron was also a straight stud in his day. His numbers were truly impressive. The Cubs will likely never have a better player, or better man, on the bag at 3rd. I hope someday he is honored, not only for what his did on the field, but his contributions to one of baseballs greatest organizations and the game itself.
When I moved to CO in 98, my love affair with the Cubs suffered. When I was finally able to stream WGN Radio... there was Ronnie. He may have been the worst color man in baseball, but I loved every second of it. Ronnie, was ME in that booth, he was all of us in the booth. A fan to a fault, he lived and died with every pitch and cried with every loss: just like me, just like you, just like Chicago.

When he died, I wept like a child. My mom called, and we just cried together, on the phone. It chokes me up just to think of it. I never met him, or saw him play, but Ron Santo is my favorite Cub.

Hardtop: I used it on a car forum I joined to get some info about my car, a 63 hardtop, and just too lazy to think of something else.

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#371 Pitching and 2012

Posted by hardtop on 02 September 2011 - 10:25 AM

im saying no on cj wilson. when the dust settles, and we look back on the pitching market, he's sure to be really overpaid, and an annoying, payroll-eating, contract in the middle of our lineup. he's pitching well in a contract year and therefore his performance should be taken with a grain of salt. if it means we suck, so be it, i think we'll suck anyway.
i wonder if we can pry away some would be free agents before their contracts are up by offering some prospects in exchange... like the red sox did with gonzalez, and then sign them to an extension? hamels would sure look purty in a cubs uniform. the phillies have an awful lot of money tied up in pitching (and a big f'n payroll) ... and with the emergence of Worley maybe.... eh, im sure they will figure out a way to pay him,
anyway, i wonder if there are others that might be out there? hopefully the new GM can get creative... we definitley need to invest in pitching.

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