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cubs at brewers today 5-12

12 May 2012 - 08:01 AM

cant make this game. i have one ticket in right field. sorry for the late notice. reply to the post or send me a pm (if thats possible?) and i'll send you the "print ticket at home" email

2012 Nicknames

30 March 2012 - 09:44 AM

Lots of turnover this year, lots of new guys to become aquainted with. I think its time we start thinking about nicknames for the 2012 team. It shows affection from the fans to the players, and i think this group of players are going to need affection!

Here's some, most are re-treads from similar conversations from last year.... which Quade definitely made the year of the nickname.

LF- Fonzarelli

CF- “Harvey Byrdman” – Attorney at Law

RF- Nobody Fucks with “the Jesus” man

3B- I need some help with Stewey, mostly because I don’t like the nickname Stewey (it’s too reminiscent of Quade). When I hear “Ian” I think of Ian MacKaye. When I think of Ian MacKaye, I think of his band, Minor Threat. When I think of Ian Stewart’s offense, at least the last two seasons, I also think of Minor Threat. I think it’s a perfect nickname but kind of pessimistic entering a season.

SS- El Comandante (of Fidel Castro’s many nicknames I like this one for Starlin the best, sure beats “Cassie” or whatever Quade called him)

2B- DarBar (I swear I invented this nickname on bleacher nation last season: I need to ask him if he’s heard it before, it showed up on his Wikipedia page a week later)

1B- The Werewolf or LaHair Bear, depending on how he performs. How did I arrive at Werewolf? In no reasonable manner whatsoever. Every time I hear or read his name I immediately insert it into the Warren Zevon song: Instead of "his hair was perfect" I think "La-Hair was perfect” so he's the LaHair-wolf in London. I know, I know, that’s pretty stupid. What else you got?

C- I’ve been referring to Soto as Metro for a few years. The obvious link is the Geo part but he also has “dark” eyes, kind of looks like he’s wearing guy-liner. I don’t really think of him as 3 cylinder shit box. I’d like a better one, but we’ll see if he’s on the team long enough to constitute some extra effort.

SP- Demp or Dumpster, depending on how he pitches (I really wouldn’t call him Dumpster, guy tries to hard)

SP- Shnoz or Shnozberries (yes, I know it’s actually snozberries, and I know they taste like snozberries). I cant get over Matt Garza’s nose… and this is coming from a guy with big f’d up nose.

SP- Shark (I have no idea where this comes from and, apparently, neither does he, but it’s an awesome nickname)

SP- Volstad? Hmmm, he’s big… maybe Voltron? I think I can do better, I’ll work on it.

SP- Maholm, I have no idea. Something off the first name though: ”hello, Newman”. He’s a lefty, Paw and Paul sound similar, so theres the obvious “South Paul”. Ooh, how about “The Blue Ox” as in Paul Bunyan.

I’ve got nothing.

Chicago Sports Poll

23 March 2012 - 02:46 PM


some real head scratchers on here (harry over ryne?), some outrageous (rose over santo?!?), some infuriating (pippen over ernie banks? WTF!)
AND sweetness is getting killed by Jordan
clearly not the Chicago grew up in...

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