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#49071 Paul Blackburn write up on MiLB

Posted by Scotti on 29 June 2013 - 11:32 PM

I always crack up whenever I hear somebody is "only 6'2" because I am 6'4 and let me tell you I suck at hide and go seek and flying coach comfortably

Guy I used to hang with is 6'9". One day at the Wrigley troughs he feels something hitting him in the leg. Wound up being a little kid staring up at him while he was still peeing--my buddy was getting pee'd on by some kid who was dumb struck by his height.

#47934 Vogelbach is faster than Rizzo--WAY faster

Posted by Scotti on 13 June 2013 - 03:12 PM

I posted about this in the comments but the "Voegelbach is so slow" meme is getting so old I thought I'd put it up here, too:  


As HS amateurs both Vogelbach and Rizzo attended Perfect Game and, as such, ran the 60.  Vogelbach's 7.15 is really respectable (on par with guys like Votto and it was before he lost 40 pounds).  Rizzo ran a very slow 7.40 (on par with an Easter Egg roll).  While this doesn't mean Vogelbach is anywhere near Rizzo defensively (he isn't), it DOES mean he isn't too slow to play a position (1B) in the majors.    



#28290 Your Top 10 Positional Prospects

Posted by Scotti on 04 July 2012 - 04:57 AM

I voted the other day and I only voted for 9 because Arismendy Alcantara was missing. I have AA well ahead of Marco Hernandez and Gioskar Amaya. He's only one year older and having success at a Daytona (11th in avg, 4th in hits, 4th in SB, 6th in 3B, 15th in runs... He's even 8th in RBI.) Of the players ahead of him in the batting race only two are younger and those just by months. Switch hits. Still playing SS. More power (5 HR in 1/2 a year) than you'd expect from his small stature.

I like Torreyes (who is even smaller) more because his hit tool is so good (he really had a monster June) but AA is, for me, well ahead of Marco Hernandez and Gioskar Amaya.

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