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In Topic: 2014 Season Prediction!!!

31 March 2014 - 06:08 PM

Without any ado…

NL East: The Nationals.  The Braves pitching took some huge hits, so the Nationals are poised to runaway with the division.

NL West: The Dodgers seem like a likely favorite... seem… I’ll pick them just based on the lack of other contenders.

NL Central: Cards and Pirates are both looking tough. I say Pirates win and get the Cards first Wild Card…

NL Wild Card: Joining the cards will be one of the Reds, the Diamondbacks, or the Padres (that’s right still no braves)… Just because it seems the least likely I’m picking the Padres.

AL East: This is by far the hardest to choose.... does David Price stay healthy? Does Masahiro Tanaka become a lights-out Ace? Do the Orioles pull it all together? Can the Red Sox repeat? Can I come up with a valid question about the Blue Jays?  I have to say, against my own liking, the Yankees... even if they don’t have it now, they will spend what it takes and trade all the prospects to get the win.

AL West: Another tricky one but more for the lack of talent.  I could see anyone but the Astros winning it... Process of elimination… Texas lost most of its pitching already so they're off my list. Robinson Cano won’t be enough; No mariners. Oakland or Angels? I’m gonna say Angels with big time Mike Trout leading a rebounding Pujols and Hamilton.

AL Central The Tigers.  They didn't do anything to get worse and the other teams didn't do enough to get better.  Simple enough.

AL WC: Rays and Orioles, AL east has the goods this year.  Red Sox, Athletics, and Royals all offer to take a spot here, but unlikely.

World Series comes down to Nationals vs Tigers

Winner Nationals


Biggest Surprise Team: The padres... they may have quietly assembled the best rotation in baseball and play a defense-based small ball style better than anyone, which is perfect for Petco.

Biggest disappointment Team: Red Sox... not even a playoff berth… smh

Biggest Surprise individual: Jose Abreu (Not rookie of the year, but he’ll make the whole AL regret not grabbing him)

Biggest Disappointment individual: Kershaw (he made his money, watch him slide)

NL ROTY: Archie Bradley (unless Javier Baez gets called up before June)

AL ROTY: Masahiro Tanaka

NL MVP: Andrew McCutchen

AL MVP: Mike Trout

NL CY: Stephen Strasburg

AL CY: Yu Darvish if he's back fast enough, if not, then David Price if he stays healthy… Past them Jared Weaver, Tanaka, Felix Hernandez, Verlander & Scherzer all weigh equally to me.... Im gonna stick with Darvish, but he better get well soon.

Comeback NL: Tough call, a lot of NL players tanked last year… Stalin Castro is the hope

Comeback AL: Grady Sizemore


How Will the Cubs do? Better than the Brewers… finish with 3rd Worst record in NL, 6th worst overall (1. Astros, 2. Miami, 3. Minnesota, 4. Brewers, 5. Blue Jays, 6. Cubs)

In Topic: Big Texan Steak Challenge advice

25 February 2014 - 01:21 PM

Maybe its just the Cubs fan in me talking, but I'm ok with not finishing, I just want to go out there and have fun... and if I do fail maybe smash a water cooler with a bat....

In Topic: Prospects Progress: Put your requests here

30 November 2013 - 08:21 PM

Steven Bruno.... He may be the best player in our system (sans injury)... And for a Pitcher Gerardo Concepcion ...




In Topic: What I would like to see this offseason.

08 October 2013 - 07:29 AM

Instead of Mark Reynolds I think bringing Casey Mcgehee would be a good one to bring back. He's been a monster over in Japan this season... but I think Gamel is the low risk/medium upside guy for next year.


But I definitely agree with Maddux.  He has played a major part in why the Rangers youth have performed the last couple years, and I think he needs to be in Chicago (I hear his brother might know how to pitch as well).


I personally would hope the cubs would keep clear of the Biogenesis scandal players... I know they would probably come cheap, but if the Cubs become competitive next year, and make it to the playoffs because of career years by Peralta and Cruz it seems like there would always be a taint on the season.

In Topic: 3 moves to be ready for the 2015 season.

30 August 2013 - 01:33 AM

I like that you for think Castro is worth this much... unfortunately he isn't to the Pirates.  Castro, as I have previously pointed out, could be worth alot. The problem is he will only be worth a lot to the right GM, and the Pirates are not likely to waste that kind of talent on him.  I could see the Angel or Mariners doing it, but reality is there are very few teams looking for a Castro-type short stop, and the few that are are not looking to pay top talent for him.


As far as Tanaka I think The Cubs will end up being Darvished on it... the Cubs will offer more than he is worth, however another team will offer FAR more than he is worth (I see Angels or Rangers being the out bidders).


And... CarGo?  that package could bring back Stanton or Price, or someone else amazing.  CarGo is a fantasy favorite for me, but he has really benefited from being in Colorado.  He will not play in Chicago nearly as well.


For Vogs, Soler, and Almora I would expect top of the line, never injured, gonna sign an extention #1 pitching

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