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Roster, Lineup and Rotation if 4 trades are done.

01 October 2011 - 12:20 PM

1)Castro SS
2)B Jackson CF
3) Morales 1B
4)Morrison LF
5)Colvin RF (Not crazy about this but)
6)3B(hopeful Encarncon)
7)C (whoever wins the spot)
8)Barney 2B


4) Wells
5) Neil Ramirez

Set up Marshell and Samardzija

Closer Cashner

this can be changed with other moves like for a RFer or 3B. But the rotation would be solid.

4 more Realistic Trades.

30 September 2011 - 06:42 PM

Ok yeah is a couple trades that would help now and restock the farm system.

Rangers and Cubs
Garza, Dolis and. Carpenter for Holland, Neil Ramirez (RHP), Robbie Ross (LHP), Cody Buckel (RHp), Michael Olt (3B) and Luis Sardinas (SS).

Red Sox and Cubs

Soriano and 4 million for Lackey.

Marlins and Cubs

Zambrano and Soto for Logan Morrison and Ricky Nolasco


Marmol for Kendry Morales.

Reality Check.

25 September 2011 - 09:18 PM

Cub Fans it is time for a Reality Check. The State of the Cubs is a below average to poor. They don't have any impact players (we don't know what we are going to get from this years Draft picks yet) in their farm system. They are most Likely looking at the lost of Ramirez and Pena. I also wouldn't be surprized if Wood and Dempster walked and it sounds like Zambrano and Soriano are going to be traded.

If Ramirez, Pena and Soriano are all gone before next season then that is pretty much all of the power on the roster. And If Dempster and Zambrano are gone that 2/5 of their Starting rotation. Now that's 5 holes in the roster to Start the off season and that no counting the other SP and RFer most people think they need. So if you count them that 7 holes in the Roster with a very weak FA class.

Let's face it the Cubs are in trouble and I will give you another reason. Along with a weak FA Class the Cubs don't have the pieces in the system to pull off a big trade. Also who is going to want to come to this Team through FA. Sure they will be able to give out tons of money but, then we get a player cares more any getting the big payday then winning. The Cubs are not going to be good next year no matter pick up.

There is the problem with would I am hearing some Cub's Fan. They are complaining about how Hendry ran the team and now want the Cubs to go out and sign a bunch of free agents. Have we learned nothing over the last few years. It is time to wake up and get a reality check.

How does Garza service the Cubs Better as an Ace or Trade Bait?

19 September 2011 - 09:33 PM

Let me start off by saying, I didn't like this trade when it happened. But I have liked watching evolve from a throw to a true Pitcher. I think he is the best pitcher on the staff and one of the best in the Division.

With all that being said He has a lot of trade value in a FA market that is thin at best. It is thinner then last years, so a Pitcher with Playoff exprience and under 30 with 2 years under contract is worth a lot.

What do you guys think.

Would you be Ok with the Cubs Rebuilding?

09 September 2011 - 09:13 PM

Like the title says are you ok with The Idea of the Cubs doing a rebuild next few season?

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