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Dreams, Visions (not aspirations)

09 October 2011 - 06:38 AM

Last night I dreamed that a major league player named Rabbit Maran asked me to take throws with him at second base during infield practice before a game that was to be played near my home the following day. I showed up with my glove, but everything was delayed by rain. When the other team arrived, I was assigned to help out a certain player, like I was a batboy or something. I didn't know the player, but I was shown his name on the roster. He was a middle infielder, and per the roster he was 5' 8" tall. This all happend in modern day, but the players were all from long ago.

I don't know what this dream means. I thought there was an old player named Rabbit Maran, but it turns out the closest I could find was a Rabbit Maranville, a ss/2nd who played for Braves/Pirates/Cardinals/Robins/Cubs 1912-1935.

I can understand the rain delay because I was watching the Tiger/Ranger game last night before retiring, but the rest is a mystery.


Brush With Greatness - I once saw a Cub player at ...

12 September 2011 - 12:59 AM

I'd like to hear about your encounters with Cub players, away from baseball, in other words, not at or around a baseball related setting.
  • For example, I once attended an afternoon game at Wrigley with friends, and immediately thereafter went to Waveland Golf Course with them, to play a quick nine holes. Waveland is a nine hole course on the lake, directly East of the stadium. Yes, it was a good day. And it was a beautiful day, so the wait at the first tee was a long one. But a twosome showed up who went directly to the front of the line. As Brett would say, that twosome was Ivan DeJesus and Manny Trillo. True to form, DeJesus popped his tee shot up to the left, and Trillo sliced his to the right.

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