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Starwin Bastro

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In Topic: 2014?

08 August 2013 - 08:05 AM

Then I'd also have to change my name and avatar.  Starwie Castrick isn't the same as Starwin Bastro

In Topic: 2014?

08 August 2013 - 08:01 AM

We need a middle-of-the-order guy and 2B is the best place to upgrade. We're stop-gapping successfully with a Valbuena/Ransom platoon at 3B, but that's unsustainable. Hopefully, Olt turns on the burners and starts clicking soon. Having Valbuena on the team shows you how extremely valuable he is to this club. 


Rather than splurge on Cano, a trade with a willing Los Angeles Angels will get us a cost-controlled (if you consider $9.3M cost-controlled for a slugger with a reasonable strikeout rate) Howie Kendrick. He doesn't need to be platooned + the trade return from sending Barney to another team + the pitcher's salary we send to the Angels + the prospects included in the deal + the prospects we get when we flip him when Alcantara is hopefully ready to take over. It seems like a no-brainer to me.


Say, we can't sign Samardzija to an extension; we can send him over to the Angels for Kendrick, Calhoun, and Sappington (+ more possibly, since they want to salary dump Kendrick for some reason). We can now send DeJesus packing +$6.5M + Barney $1.25M + Samardijza $4.75 = $12.5M - Kendrick's $9.25M = $3.25M we can spend towards a free agent starting pitcher to flip (or extending Navarro) and the return we get from DeJesus and Barney should be cost-controlled players, too. 


CF Lake

3B Valbuena (L)

2B Kendrick

1B Rizzo (L)

RF Schierholtz (L)

SS Castro

LF Calhoun (L)

C Castillo


Looks good on paper.


That team doesn't win more than 65 games.  What is the obsession with Howie Kendrick? The Angels are one of the least likeliest trading partners for Samardzija in the league; no propsects, extremely weak farm system.

In Topic: 2014?

01 August 2013 - 09:20 AM

We can "go for it" without "going for it" in 2014...

Extend Navarro now, then off season moves...

Travis Wood + Michael Bowden for 2B Howie Kendrick + SP Mark Sappington (A+).

 David DeJesus + 2B Darwin Barney + OF Brett Jackson + 1B Justin Bour + SP Ben Wells + RP Austin Reed for LHSP David Price + PTBNL.


[1.65] LF Valbuena (L) / Sappelt

[0.55] CF Lake

[4.80] RF Schierholtz (L) / Ha

[9.25] 2B Kendrick

[1.25] 1B Rizzo (L)

[0.55] 3B Olt

[05.0] SS Castro

[3.05] C Castillo / Navarro (S)

[0.55] BN Watkins (L)

[2.00] BN FA Veteran



[19.2] SP David Price (L)

[3.45] SP Jeff Samardzija

[11.0] SP Edwin Jackson

[0.55] SP Chris Rusin (L)

[0.55] SP Jake Arrieta



[05.0] LR Carlos Villanueva

[0.55] LR Justim Grimm

[0.55] RP Brooks Raley (L)

[0.55] RP Chang-Yong Lim

[0.55] SU Pedro Strop

[1.25] SU James Russell (L)

[0.55] CL Blake Parker



-25.6- = 4.0 (Fujikawa) + 2.0 (Soler) + 13 (Soriano) + 6.6 (roster fillers)


$98.0M payroll


I'm sorry but no way TB does that deal.  We're not getting price without giving up AT LEAST 1 of big 4 and then probably 2 from a pool of Johnson, Vizcaino, Vogelbach, Alcantara, Edwards.  Also why trade Wood for that group? I'd like to see us keep Wood

In Topic: Futures Game

27 June 2013 - 12:59 PM

One would hope with another Cubs outfielder (Almora), but given that he's American it won't be him.  KLaw had some names floated this morning but player will have to be World outfielder and presumably picked from a team with less than 2 reps

In Topic: Futures Game

26 June 2013 - 05:48 PM

They picks are made based of a panel comprised of Baseball American and MLB Officials, but when you consider who else is on the "Futures Finalist" group its pretty stacked with prospects with Castellanos, Correa, Cecchini, Hawkins and Nimmo

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