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In Topic: Brett Jackson should start the season in the Majors

19 November 2012 - 07:14 PM

I'd give him a chance to make the team out of spring training if he shows improvement, but he's better served getting regular playing time in the minors than a platoon situation. I'd have a Soriano/DeJesus/Sappelt outfield to start the season.

Being Left-Handed, Jackson would still receive roughly 2/3 of the AB's in a platoon. It's not like he'd only be playing a couple days a week.

In Topic: Brett Jackson should start the season in the Majors

18 November 2012 - 08:34 PM

A Sappelt/Jackson platoon is a much better option than having Campana in there. If he's starting 2/3 of the games in CF, there is no question the FO plans on punting next year.

In Topic: Tony Campana

12 November 2012 - 10:46 PM

The complete lack of any other skill just kills him. His bat will never be anywhere close to league-average because of a complete lack of power and no batting eye. Speed helps cover up his terrible jumps and routes in the OF, and his arm is so weak he looks like he's throwing with the wrong one.

If the FO thinks his .5-1 win he will add as a PR is worth a roster spot, then fine -but he certainly shouldn't be getting regular AB's.

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