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Glenallens One Homer

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#2141 Brush With Greatness - I once saw a Cub player at ...

Posted by Glenallens One Homer on 05 October 2011 - 08:17 AM

My siblings all worked for this one jewelry store which had a location in Lincoln Park, so one day in 2005 I was working with my brother down there (since I was 14 all I did was wipe down the glass cases and sweep the floor). It was like February after Valentine's Day so it was pretty slow business until suddenly Mark Prior walks in and starts looking for a watch. My brother was very cool and collected (I assume that, it being in Lincoln Park, he wasn't the first celebrity to walk in) but I was doing everything I could to not just openly urinate myself in the front of the store. This was by far the most starstruck I've ever been and it makes me feel so silly when I think about it now. If it happened today I would have to restrain myself from crying over my crippling Prior depression.

#1179 Marty Brennaman = Douche Bag!

Posted by Glenallens One Homer on 16 September 2011 - 12:29 PM

Marty Brennaman makes his bones by being an unabashed homer in the worst way possible. I totally agree that you could make the argument for Morgan over Sandberg (though I wouldn't) but not only does he say he prefers Morgan, he tears down Ryno. This is his schtick, he hates the Cubs and makes shitty comments about them to rustle up headlines and get more attention. The fact is that he's senile and likely will continue with this crap until he's gone. Such is the way of life: good guys like Ron Santo didn't need to be assholes to get attention and devotion from fans.

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