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Oklahoma football

03 January 2014 - 06:21 AM

Who watched the Sugar Bowl last night? I'm curious what the national perception of OU football is from the "informed but casual" college football fans. Did the Sooners performance against Alabama last night change your perception in any way?

Rizzo and Hosmer

22 August 2013 - 06:28 PM

Being a Cub and Royal fan I find it interesting to compare the two.  Last year Hosmer had a horrendous year, a year that is comparable to Rizzo's 2013 season in a lot of ways.  Hosmer has bounced back this year and is having a fine season for a third year player and looks to be in a spot where he may one day live up to his potential.  The common thread to Hosmers 2012 (his first full season) and Rizzo's 2013 (his first full season)?  BABIP.  Hosmer for 2012 put up a .232/.304/.359 with a .255 BABIP.  Rizzon this year has a .232/.325/.437 with a .254 BABIP. Other interesting comparisons are that Rizzo sports a higher walk rate 11.2% to Hosmer's 9.4% for 2012 and a higher ISO .205 to Hosmer's .127 for 2012.  Considering that Hosmer is considered to be having a rebound year that puts him back on track makes me feel better about Rizzo's future.  I often wonder if you asked Royal and Cub fans to swap straight up what the response would be.  For me I think Hosmer probably will put up a higher carrer batting average and slightly higher on base percentage but it appears that Rizzo has greater power and better ability to take a walk.  What will drag down Rizzo's batting and on base averages will be the strikeouts.  However, Rizzo only sports around an 18% K rate which is really not that high when his bloopers are falling and his ground balls have eyes.  What the Cubs need from him are the homers, doubles and walks which all appear to be just fine.  I hate to sound too cliche but I think a lot of Rizzo's troubles this year are bad luck related.  In any case I'm excited to watch both Hosmer and Rizzo develope over the next several seasons and I hope that KC can put together one good run in the playoffs before this window they have (albeit a small window) closes.


28 July 2013 - 07:56 PM

I have been a long time lurker 'round these parts and thought now would be a good time to jump in.  A little about me:  I have lived in Tulsa, OK my entire life and have always loved America's best game -- Baseball.  Of course I love football too (and hockey - go Blackhawks!) and living where I do I am a huge Dallas Cowboy and Oklahoma Sooner fan.  However, as much as I love football it will always take a backseat to baseball in the battle for my affections.  I grew up as a KC Royal fan and I still avidly follow them.  In fact while growing up I never could stand the Cubs (or the Braves) becuase they were always on TV and I got sick and tired of seeing and hearing about them.  That all changed in the early 90's when my dad got laid off from his job as a mechanic at American Airlines.  In order to keep his job he had to make a move to the windy city and one summer while visiting him we took in a game at Wrigley.  I don't remember the exact year (I think it was somewhere around 93 or 94) but I do remember setting on the first base side and watching Mark Grace and the Cubs take on Felipe (and Moises) Alou's Expos.  It was glorious and ever since I've been hooked and bleed Cubbie blue.  What sucks the most for me is that l live in the middle of a huge cardinal hot spot.  God I hate those people....


Anyway,  I'll leave it at that for now.  I just wanted to say hi to everyone and introduce myself a little bit.  Hopefully I can be a meaningful contributor to the community here.

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