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#57512 No Accessories?

Posted by Kygavin on 20 December 2013 - 11:13 AM

Bottle opener that says "There's always next beer"

#49716 Garza

Posted by Kygavin on 08 July 2013 - 10:27 PM

So, does anyone else feel like the possible extension announcement is to try to heat up the trade process?

I think it was an attempt to make teams up their offer. Best case scenario in my eye s is trade garza and resign in the offseason haha

#48980 Garza

Posted by Kygavin on 28 June 2013 - 11:38 AM

Now that we know an extension is out of the question (already had a decent idea of this but for sure now); What type of return can we expect the Cubs to get? Best pitcher on the market in the last few years:

  • 2012-Greinke (got Segura, Hellweg, Pena; all 3 top 10 prospects for the Brewers).
  • 2011-Ubaldo (got White, Pomeranz, and throw ins; White and Pomeranz were CLE top 2 pitching prospects)
  • 2010-Lee (Smoak, Lueke, Beavan, Lawson; Smoak was one of the top hitting prospects in baseball)
  • 2010-Haren (Corbin, Rodriguez, Saunders, Skaggs; Skaggs was the big piece but Corbin has turned into a legit MLB SP)

If the Cubs can get anything close to these packages for Garza I would be extremely happy, especially if its one like the Brewers got just last year. 

#48628 Trade Idea that won't be taken well.

Posted by Kygavin on 22 June 2013 - 04:21 PM

NICK FRANKLIN (1st round draft pick in 2009, #27 overall), Switch hitter

83 AB, .277/.362/.494/.856 in 24 games at SS for the Mariners.


When Dustin Ackley comes back to play 2B, Franklin and his hot start will move over to SS. The Mariners have no need for Castro. 


With Franklin Gutierrez on the 60-Day DL (and a 0.5M buyout next year), DeJesus (when he comes back) would be an upgrade in CF over Endy Chavez and his weak OBP & SLG.


Brendan Ryan in June: .172/.243/.203

Starlin Castro in June: .133/.177/.200

Darwin Barney in June: .257/.282/.365


The Mariners need:

CATCHER (Zunino was called up too soon)

STARTING PITCHER (to replace Harang)

CENTER FIELDER (to replace Gutierrez next year, Chavez this year)

SHORTSTOP (gold glove who is not slumping)


C Dioner Navarro (one year rental)

SP Travis Wood (arb eligible '14)

SP/LR Carlos Villanueva ($5M in '14)

CF David DeJesus ($6.5M '14 option)

IF Darwin Barney (arb eligible '14)

RP Rafael Dolis (under control)





RHSP Tijuan Walker (#1)

LHSP Danny Hultzen (#2)

SS Brad Miller (#6)

OF Julio Morban (#11)

This is terrible. You say they have no need for Castro (still one of the brightest young bats in the game) but then say they need a SS and would rather have an all glove 2B to replace their all glove current SS (the best in the game)? Nah, and sense you seem to be big on Franklin lets not forget that Castro is exactly ONE YEAR OLDER but has 2000 MLB AB's.  You also say they need SP so you have them deal an almost MLB ready quality LHP and a potential ace for a swing man and an older quality LHP. 


On top of all that they are losing player wise the M's are 11 games back in a division with 2 of the better teams in the AL (not to mention LAA, who has as much talent as anyone). Why would they make such short sighted moves and deal their best two prospects without getting an impact MLB'er back?

#48563 New fire sale trades

Posted by Kygavin on 22 June 2013 - 11:22 AM

Cubs trade: Matt Garza, Josh Vitters and Alfonso Soriano


Reds trade: Robert Stephenson, Daniel Corcino and Stalin Gerson



Cubs trade: Scott Feldman and Nate Schierholtz


Giants trade: Clayton Blackburn and Gregor Blanco



Cubs trade: James Russell, David Dejesus and Kevin Gregg


Tigers trade: Rick Porcello and Joe Rogers

The last thing the Reds need is Sp so I doubt that one is even going to be discussed


I would be ecstatic if the Cubs could pull Blackburn/Crick from the Giants for Feldman. Keith Law had both of them in his top 100 at the start of the year. Plus Blackburn would fit right in with the Cubs since he is allergic to walks just like all their hitters (but in a good way, 39 BB in 230 IP along with 249 K)


I like Porcello a lot, hate to lose Russell but pen arms can be found on the scrap heap 

#47985 Potential Closer?

Posted by Kygavin on 13 June 2013 - 10:22 PM


He's not injured, but he's a little guy with a wacky delivery who has thrown a lot of innings and losing velocity as he wears down.  More Big Z than Prior sans insanity

Fair enough.  I will give you that one.  Nice! :D


maybe he is Z but his temper was calmed by all the weed

#47555 "Kris Bryant will play 3B"

Posted by Kygavin on 09 June 2013 - 08:02 PM


I have to admit, Mike Taylor's mind is quite interesting.  The man likes to look at every possible scenario and makes me rethink on some baseball related things.  Good post Mike. :D


Thanks, man. I may stink at coming up with trade scenarios (because they are biased), but I do know what kind of strengths we have in our farm system. ;)


Here's something to think about:

Baez, Soler, Almora, and Bryant are all around the same age. This year, Almora should jump to A+ soon (7 game hitting streak, .366 AVG past 10 days), while Soler, Baez, and Geiger should jump to AA. Here's why:


Baez: 113 TB in 243 PA = 0.465 BPPA, .230 ISO, .374 wOBA

(takes over at SS, Alcantara moves to 2B and platoons w/Torreyes)


Soler: 90 TB in 213 PA = 0.423 BPPA, .198 ISO, .369 wOBA

(takes over in RF, Rubi Silva moves to LF)


Geiger: 97 TB in 236 PA = 0.411 BPPA, .167 ISO, .373 wOBA

(takes over for 30yo Tim Torres @ 1B (Bour is still hurt))


Eventually, Kris Bryant gets placed in A+ or AA after AZ Rookie League. Tennessee will be the place to be to watch games! Hopefully, Reggie Golden continues his comeback and takes Soler's spot in A+.


LF Silva (staying in AA, has to be less streaky)

CF Andreoli [Szczur / Ha should make the jump to AAA]

RF Soler

1B Geiger

2B Bruno / Torreyes [Alcantara gets promoted to AAA]

3B Bryant [Villanueva traded or promoted to AAA]

SS Baez

C Lopez / Noble

DH Giansanti



I really hope they dont platoon Alcantara. Cant think of a better way to stunt the growth of a huge "breakout" prospect than to platoon him. 

#43419 The real tragic part about Soriano

Posted by Kygavin on 25 April 2013 - 12:34 AM

Plus last year: Runners on base =.300/.369/595 17 HR

                       Scoring position 2 out = .254/405/463 3 HR

Also was 10th in the league in 2 out RBI with 40 (10 behind Cabrera)


Im all on the "trade Soriano train" but any talk of him being a bad player is irrational. Calling out a player for his lack of RBI's when he had 100+ is ridiculous (even though RBI's have more to do with the guys in front of him and not his offensive skill but thats another discussion).

#35512 Welcome to the Bleacher Nation Message Board

Posted by Kygavin on 31 January 2013 - 08:42 PM

Not sure if Im "supposed" to introduce myself but here goes nothing. My names Kyle and Im currently a Jr at Indiana University from Elkhart, IN. I joined about a month ago and have posted a few times. I guess thats all I got. Go Cubs Go!

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