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Keeper Advice Needed

23 January 2013 - 02:44 PM

So, I'm a long time lurker, and I decided to register so I could get some advice on my fantasy league keepers. The league I am in allows us to keep any five players drafted after the 5th round (we have 25 rounds). If we keep someone, we lose the draft pick 2 rounds before they were picked the year before, unless we put a franchise tag on them, then we do not lose a draft pick. So for instance, if I drafted a guy in the 16th round, last year, I can keep him, but I lose my 14th round pick. We can also keep them each year, but every year, the draft picks we lose, move up by 2 rounds, so eventually, it won't be cost effective to keep certain guys. (If we keep a minor leaguer we drafted, we lose the pick in the last round. If we keep three minor leaguers or three undrafted free agents, we lose the last three picks, and so on.)

So this year, I've pretty much made my choices, except for my fifth spot.

1) Dustin Pedroia (Franchise)

2) Starlin Castro (15th round)

3) Anthony Rizzo (25th round)

4) Bryce Harper (24th round)

5) Jeff Samardzija (23rd round) or Yu Darvish (23rd round)

The reason, Bryce Harper is so cheap is because I picked him up in our minor league draft. (Yes, how nerdy are we that we have a minor league draft?) Same for Yu Darvish. Castro, I picked up in the late rounds a few years ago, so he's still pretty cost effective. Rizzo, I snagged from the undrafted free agent pool last year just before the Cubs called him up, Samardzija, too.

So here's my dilemma. Do I keep Shark or Darvish? Our categories are Walks, K's, Wins, Losses, Saves, Holds, ERA, and WHIP. Any thoughts?

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