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In Topic: Robinson Cano???

28 February 2013 - 09:06 PM

I know Cano is the best 2nd baseman in the game NOW, but I don't think he makes the Cubs a contender next year. Their rotation isn't bad, but it's not a World Series rotation, and it might be without Garza next year. I just don't see why the hosts of the podcast think it's so necessary that the Cubs trade Barney. I really don't think they'll get fair value from a team in a trade. They might get similar value from dealing an unproven prospect like Logan Watkins. Barney's never going to be a power guy, but if he can continue to hit 5 to 7 HR a year, raise his OBP and continue his excellent defense, I think Barney is a bargain. In years to come he'll be a veteran leader in the clubhouse along with Rizzo, Castro and Samardzija.

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